Help me with this stupid idiotic dumb jerky game!

Hint for moving beyond 13:


it’s something to do with bingo calling,

don’t ask me; I didn’t design it. It is referenced on the Wiki page on thirteen[/spoiler]

if that doesn’t help:

[spoiler]I think they’ve made a mistake in their reasoning,

they don’t move onto the next call.[/spoiler]

I can’t seem to work out the URL for page 17. It doesn’t seem to make any sense no matter how I slice it.

That’s where I’m currently stuck
:confused: :mad:

How about giving us a hint for 14 instead?

A hint…

12 is a dozen. If you’re dealing in bread or donuts, however…

Yeah… that’s not helping. My brain hurts.

Nevermind. The answer for fourteen is for_some

Somethign you would know if you bought a “dozen” cookies…

See? They…messed up their own pattern. They finished the phrase for thirteen, instead of using the first part of the phrase for 14.

You mean from 14->15?

Remember your multiplication tables.

Up to seventeen now… how far does it go?

Am now stuck on 16->17. Apparently gibberish is a clue.


Ok, I cheated; I google’d the phrase

How are you supposed to enter 14–>15? As the pirate with the ship’s wheel down his pants said, it’s driving me nuts!

Sorry, that’s 15–>16. Dot dash and so on.

Googling isn’t cheating! We’re resourceful, that’s all.

So why the hell does the 18 --> 19 page keep bringing me back to the 18 page?

Periods, period.

Got it, thanks.

I got as far as the page for 20->21 before I lost interest. Here’s a tip for getting to 19->20:It’s redirecting your browser with Javascript


I meant to say I got to 21->22.