Help me with this stupid idiotic dumb jerky game!

nvm that, how did you get off of 17?

1, 1, 2, 3, 5…



Oh bugger.

It looked like unpronounceable gibberish. I should have guessed it was Welsh. :smack: :stuck_out_tongue:

waitaminute! That’s a real language? :confused:

ok, so how do I get off of 20?

Dude, that seriously pisses me off, for the reason you gave. It doesn’t fit at all with the rest of the thing up till then. Grr. And is that some common phrase that’s passed me by?

I feel better about not figuring it out now.

I’m stuck on 21–>22 now.

I thought it should be orziot_orj.html, but that doesn’t work.

Nah. Google is my friend! :smiley:

Um. I’m not getting the 6th one.

Is it six zeroes? I tried that. Apparently, I’m not up to snuff with this right yet.

Those aren’t zeroes.

How do you get off of 20!

That explains it.

Stupid fonts.

Now now, those letters are shifted by only 21 places, aren’t they?

on #20–>21check the properties of the picture file

For 15->16, I’m trying:

[spoiler]For 15->16, I’m trying:…-…--..-…html or…-…--..-.html; neither is working for me. Instead, on the error page, it re-lists the url as “…_-…--.._-.html”

WHat am I doing wrong?


So much for spoilers! :frowning:


Okay, I’m currently stuck at 20, trying to get to 21…

i’m stuck on the invisible nine one … help?

The invisible part is just hiding the clue–it’s not part of the clue.

Okay … hmmm … ohhhh I figured it out!

Now I am stuck on the next one (ten).


[spoiler]Your first URL looks correct, but when I copy and paste it out of your spoiler box into my browser, the first “dot” in the morse code part shows up as a weird vertical bar. Try erasing, then retyping, that first morse code character. Looks like maybe you copy/pasted from the page and picked up a weird “invisible” ascii character in the process.

But your first URL appears correct. The final morse code letter ends with a dot, then you should have the extra “dot” as part of the “.html”