Hey try this weird game.


Apparently New Jersey smells. I never really noticed. :slight_smile:

Weird…would be the right word. I really started questioning whether a banana or carburator grows hair. Sheesh.

The most right answers I managed was 15. I know, of course, that you don’t wash butterflies with soap, but my reflexes are bad.

You’re all conspiring to yank my chain. I’ve been trying to play this thing for days now, and all I get is "No Brainer™ will begin shortly … ".

Lies! It never begins!

Unless, of course, they have some sort of IP blocking in place to prevent New Jersey residents from playing the damn thing and getting pissed. :slight_smile:

I have tried 4 times, I get to the Shockwave symbol then an error message pops up and says IE must close. Is that the joke?

Works for me, from NJ. I’m using Firefox, though. Upgrade Shockwave?

I’m using Firefox, too; although even with a cable modem it did take a bloody long time (relatively speaking, of course) to load.

Yay! 22 right answers! I tried this yesterday, too, and could only manage about five. I think the difference might be I turned the sound off, so I didn’t feel so frantic.

I could have kept going, but my mouse stopped working for a few seconds and cost me my last guess. Oh well.

As far as loading, it took a little while, but not ungodly long to load, and I’m using FireFox.

Off to try again!

Errrm I just got 58 answers on Game A and ended up weighing 62383 lbs on my first go, surely I can’t be in the lead as I’m not exactly the smartest Doper.

These questions don’t have anything to do with being smart. That’s why they’re called “no brainers”. Just has to do with reflexes and not panicking.

I just got 43, so I’m getting there.

Why can’t underwear wear underwear?

Why can’t you wash Britney Spears with soap?

I really like this game myself. :smiley: (Warning:** Addictive**!)

Okay, my third try gave me a brain of 66164lbs after I had 62 correct answers (this is on game 1).

And now my record is 98 with a brain size of 104550 lbs.

I just got 151 correct answers, and a brain weight of 162713 pounds.

And Elvis, apparently, does not sneeze.

Truly pointless!


Like your own post?

Is anybody else having trouble getting the head to move the way you want it to?

ok, i didn’t realize it was timed.