Stupid addicting game...I will beat you yet.

This was posted on snopes today:
It’s sort of a logic problem type game, and has taken up far more of my day than I care to admit. Please, go play.

Oh, and if you figure out how to get past the teleporter, let me know, would you?


Excuse me.

BTW, help is found on the link in the room with the poster, and that thread.

Thanks, Anubis.
There needs to be a sheepish grin smilie.

There’s a new room at the end, but otherwise it’s the same one as in the other thread.

Wow…that was fun, though reading the past thread, I seem to have found it a LOT easier to finish than most people have! Even the Intelli-lock part…just took time, but not too tough. I don’t want to add to the previous thread, so I’m going to post a spoiler here:

Solution to the Intelli-lock code:

[spoiler]if you consider the setup to be 12 tiles like this:
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 10 11 12

The code is (or should be, if I wrote it down properly):
6 7 11 4 6 7 8 9 4 12 11 6 10 1 7 6 6 9 7 4 5 11 12 1 11 6 2[/spoiler]

Have fun!

Ack! sorry sorry Sorry! i can’t spell! Oh Mods… :eek:

Thanks. Thanks a fucking lot. I got halfway through this game yesterday and now the link’s dead. I wanna finish and now I can’t. :mad:


I know, I know hajario - I wouldn’t have given up the other day and planned on coming back to it later if I’d know it was going to not be available.

Hopefully it’s just being updated or something and will be back soon.

It did that before, and after I forgot about it for a few days it was back up, with a new room.

BTW, does it use cookies to let you continue the game from where you left off? I pretty frequently clear out my cookies so I have to start from scratch every time. Is there a way around that?