So I've found the most addicting game that exists on the internet. No, seriously.

It’s here:
Go on. Try it. Try it for just 10 minutes (at least).
If you’re not strangely, yet fully addicted after that time, I’ll eat my hat.
Please don’t hate me later for revealing this–the most addicting game on the internet, and possibly the world—to you all.

Don’t listen to him! It’s a trap! For the love of all that is good in your life, STAY AWAY FROM THE COOKIES!

Ok, back to the game.

Yeah, Hal was one of the [del]un[/del]lucky ones to have seen me share it on Facebook first (a few days ago).

I don’t think we’ve done much since.

I may be doing it wrong but my wrist does not like this game.

I’ll be damned if I understand the appeal, sorry.

Actually clicking on the cookie is a non-issue after the first 5-10 minutes (or so) of gameplay, because the amount you get even without clicking gets to be a lot.

Although you can always click on it anyway if you want to go for achievements.

What happens if i close my window? Will all my hard work be lost forever?

It saves every 60 seconds automatically, but you can also save manually at any time on the “MENU” page (top middle).

So just to clarify, I can close and when I return to the page, it will bring me back to the last save point?

Yes, it should although, I’ve heard a friend or two who use firefox had their saves wiped due to a cookie (no pun intended) issue.

It also keeps running if you just leave the page up (if anyone is curious), but I understand some don’t like to or can’t do that.

That is pretty addictive.

It’s amazing how greedy it makes you. At first you think 10 cookies a second is freaking awesome. Until you’re making 40 cookies a second. Then any method producing less than 40 a second is crap. Until-- holy shit!-- the rockets bring in 100 cookies a second. Then you don’t want to waste your time with anything punier.

I’m currently at the Time Machine level, which produce almost 100,000 cookies per second…and I’ve gotten to the point where that just doesn’t seem fast enough since my goal now is to have 4 billion cookies.

Amazing, I’ve spent the first few minutes going "man, how boring is that, why do people think it’s addictive?
And now six hours later, I’m buying my 8th antimatter condenser.

Yeah, it’s pretty scary how quickly it takes hold of you… I’ve been playing for about three and a half days now (mostly all day, heh).

They even have a wiki about the game. There is much more to this game than meets the eye, it has a pretty evolving storyline, plus a few events that happen (including one major one that drastically changes the play later on).

Started last night. I’m up to 3 million cookies per second, and own two antimatter condensers. :slight_smile:

This… This qualifies as addictive? Good heavens, I hope you people never find out about Sid Meier…

I think it’s mostly because this is a fairly simple game and that it can be left running in the background for the most part (as cookie wealth amasses).

You have to keep recalculating the CPS return on each expenditure. Because at some point, you’ll have bought enough time machines to drive up their prices so that suddenly it turns out that another grandma is actually good deal.

And for those of you wearing your wrists out: don’t bother. You have to click to unlock certain achievements, but if you’re clicking away at 8 cookies per click, you’ll feel really stupid later in the game when you can be clicking at 8,000 cookies per click. And then you’ll feel stupid again later when you can be clicking at 8,000,000 cookies per click. (And by that time, clicking is such a tiny percentage of your output, the only reason to click is to unlock the achievements.) So my advice is to pace yourself.

Yeah, speaking of.

Ahhh, back in my early days in the game when 4 billion seemed like a lot. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, you only click in the game for…about 5 minutes. Then the computer does the rest.

I am addicted and am progressing towards the vast fortune. I’m only in the single digit millions now, but billions will soon poor upon me.