Simple Addictive Game

Simple addictive game. I can’t stop! (shaking my fist at Plime)

Well, I DID stop to come here to share the love.

4078 for a first go, I’m sure I can do better than that.

9773 on my second try (well, ok, third…but I’m not counting my actual second game with the score of -1).

26625 on try 3. :slight_smile:

Am I the only one who can’t get it to work?

When I click the link, I get two colored boxes and a bit of text saying “ is coming soon.”

I want to play, too!

Brendon Small

I got 25088 by avoiding reds and blues completely from the start of the game until the thing got too big. I had ONE bank the entire game, then lost immediately.

So the record so far for a single bank is 25088.

Would you believe… 42632 ?

First Bank: 47432
Final Score: 47641

First Bank: 62658
Final Score: 63360

Over 50000 and I’m finished. Thanks for the link.

Must’ve been the computer I was on. It’s working fine now on a computer in the same lab but a few rows over.


How are you people getting such big banks on the first one? By the time I get to just ~7000, the mass of green dots is so big it’s near impossible to avoid a red dot.

bouv you touch a blue dot to “bank” the green dots and clear your circle.

I know that, but it seems to me people are saying their first “bank” is in the 40,000 point range (ie, the first time they touch a blue circle they get 40,000 points.) I bank the blob when it’s as big as I can manage, and it’s (at most) around 7,000.

ETA: Here’s a screenshot. I banked that about a second later with that blue dot in the upper right corner and it was just over 2500 points. How people get 20x that score on their first bank is beyond me.

I think bouv knows that - just not how to avoid a red or blue one when your mass of green peas fills pretty much the entire playing area. That’s my problem, anyway - maximum bank has been about 6,700.

I’m pretty sure the scoring is exponential on blob size. I had a ~13,000 bank, and it wasn’t five times that size. So a few extra greenies before banking seems to be the secret to a high score.

Who else has had a dangerously large blob, ready to bank, and then the blue dots stop coming for a while?

The green blob in your screenshot has arms on it, like a galaxy. There are a lot of gaps in the blob you can fill. Filling those gaps makes the green blob essentially the same diameter as what you have there, but much more dense. Try to hit the green dots in a way that maximizes density and minimizes the diameter; avoid making arms that stick out. A very dense and compact little blob is what you want.

Also, that number in the middle of the screen is a clock that counts up. My big first banks didn’t happen until that timer got up to about 130 seconds or more.

I’m fairly sure that when you bank you get 2n[sup]2[/sup] points, where n is the number of green balls.

If you hit a red you get a penalty of n[sup]2[/sup] points.

Another thing I think I just noticed is that if you simply wait passively for a green dot to collide into your green blob, the new green dot will stick to the outer dots that are already part of your green blob. However, if you actively slam your green blob into a green dot, that new green dot tends to get sucked closer to the center of your green blob, overlapping existing dots that are already part of your blob, increasing the density of your blob.

Can I do a screenshot? I don’t know how. I have Firefox & IE.