Simple Addictive Game

Thanks for the tips, Bearflag – my first game after reading your posts netted 73,000+ off of three seperate big bankings.

No problem!

First Bank: 77618 (over 200 seconds into the game)
Final Score: 78049

“Print Scrn” takes the screenshot, which you can then paste into Paint or whatever graphics program you choose.

Compare the density of this blob to your blob.

I got 4189340.

On the “Avoid” setting. :stuck_out_tongue:

This blob got me a new record of 110450 on my first bank. I tried to keep going but got smacked for a loss. Final score: 109426.

First Bank: 168200 (343 seconds into the game)
Final Score: 168216

I’m really finished now. For real. I can stop anytime I want.

Dude, where are all the red balls? I have NEVER seen a field so devoid of balls altogether as yours, especially red ones. How do you just manage to avoid the situations I always get where I have several red balls coming from two or three sides, and am forced to hit a blue to save my ass? Seriously, it just doesn’t seem like we’re playing the same game.

19495 points the first game.
Fun game. I’m going to bookmark it so I can play more later.
Ok, maybe just one more quick one…

<1 hour later>

Last game, I swear!

Here’s something… I don’t know about everyone else, but as the game progresses without a bank, the game does not speed up for me. It only speeds up once I bank and clean off my balls. For me, the game at the 3-second mark is the same speed as the 300-second mark and 500-second mark. Once I clean off my balls, however, the game jumps instantly to warp 10.

Maybe my processor slows the game down when my balls expand and get huge, while the game speeds up for others with faster computers. However, the timer on my screen does not slow down much, so maybe it’s not that at all. I’d be curious to know if the game is the same speed for everyone (i.e., not speeding up at all until a bank).

Yes? No?

Also, when playing without banking, my screen is pretty full of balls until I get up to around 40 seconds or so, then it clears out. By about 90 seconds, the screen is pretty clear and I sometimes have to wait a second for some balls to appear on my screen.

I played a game and with one bank and made over 270,000 in my first bank at over 500 seconds into the game. I banked because I got bored and I now realize I can play to infinity if I truly wanted.

Collect mode is fun, too! I had it set to “avoid” and couldn’t udnerstand why I kept losing! :smack:

I just played a game with frequent banking to compare. It seems banking triggers game acceleration. I only got about 7000 points and never accumulated more than about 10 balls in my blob. So, the key to mega points is to start the game and never bank until you are ready to quit the game.

51,473,956. :slight_smile:

290k on avoid. I, for one, prefer that mode – just avoid everything, no need to distinguish between colors.

That’s what I try, and it still seems to speed up even if I don’t bank. And then this:

That never happens to me. The balls do clear out a bit now and then, but only for about a second then it’s a screen full of balls for me.

This is about as few balls as I ever have at one time.

That screenshot looks about right in terms of the number of balls. I took mine when the screen was pretty clear. In fact, I waited for a clear shot to avoid risking the game. I guess I’m curious about the speed of the game because I don’t notice any increase in the speed of gameplay unless I bank.

Yeah, that was about as clear as my screen ever gets.

This is more accurate.

In that scenario, I was forced to bank with that blue ball just to the left. If I hadn’t, I would have been hit by one of those three red balls all coming towards my blob. How do you never get into those situations where you either have to bank, or (as has happened to me several times) you literally have no way out and get smalled by a red?

It looks like you have perhaps three outs in that screenshot, although I can’t tell in which direction each ball is moving, particularly that blue one next to you.

Keep in mind that your green blob can go pretty far off-screen.

  1. Down and Left. Your blob will probably go off the bottom of the screen a bit. You will pick up that green ball and duck under that blue one.

  2. Down Right and Up. Duck under that low red ball. Very risky.

  3. Up and Left. Go in between that blue and red.

I have also concluded that the speed of game play does not increase without banking and that my processor does not slow my game down because (1) the clock speed is constant; and (2) the speed of my blob is not affected by its size.

My latest artwork: death of a string blob

56,830,705 on avoid. :slight_smile: