Addicting Game Of The Century

On the whole, I like you folks, and that’s why I didn’t posted this link earlier. But I’m beginning to figure “hey, if I’m going to lose my job because all I do all day long is play this fricking game, I may as well take a few people down with me as well”.

A while ago, the terrific site Jay Is Games held a game design competition. The winner absolutely knocked it out of the park – simple to play, combined with being insanely frustrating and addictive.

I give you Gimme Friction, Baby.

How To Play – since they don’t really give you much info on that front:
Once the splash screen is done loading, click the green circle. That’ll load the actual game.

The rules are simple:

  1. Click to launch a ball.
  2. When a ball stops, it expands to whatever boundry it hits first.
  3. Hit existing balls three times to remove them from play, scoring you one point.
  4. If a ball bounces back over the line, you lose.

Easy to play, easy to make your wife find you in front of the computer at 3am, slowly drooling on your lap as you try…oh Lord do you try…to beat your personal best of 19 points.

14 high score so far - nice game - I’m sure to play more later

Jesus, this is addictive

must play more

Apparantly it’s so popular that it times out instead of loading. I had enough of that already for the week.

Addicting but not as much as Bloxorz in my opinion.

It’s like a mutated Pong! I love it!

Yup. I’m addicted now. I hope you’re happy.

I’ll be happy when I crack a score of 20. Three times now I’ve made it to 19, only to drop a ball in a place that makes it impossible to get around. Grrrr…

Hal you’re a sick bastard! Thanks a lot. If I can just manage not to bookmark it and never read this thread maybe, just maybe I will get past this little episode.

It wouldn’t load. Thank Og.

I can only get to 12.

I hate you.

GodDAMN it.

You suck, Hal. :stuck_out_tongue: The simplest are always the best. I got 19.

After a bit of trying, 21.

  1. And I’m terrible at games like this.

There’s a lot of pool to this. Which is good.

My high score so far? 6.

HA! 5.

Oh wait, that’s backwards.



On my deathbed, when I say that I’ve wasted my life, I will name Hal Briston as an accomplice to that.

I’m pretty good at getting them to land exactly in the middle, cool music too.