Yet another simple addictive game


level 27, only stopped to feed the kid - enjoy!

Quit at 51. Thanks my fingers are stiff.

You know it’s bad when the link presented in the OP is already in your browser’s cache. :frowning:

Ha. Filler. Ha!

I got to level 60 last Sunday. So many little bouncy balls were on the screen, it was making my computer freeze and slow. Which only fed the need to keep playing, as it was like playing in slow motion, which was kind of fun.

But up around level 60, there isn’t much screen space to make filler balls of any size. Best you can do is survive!

I love making little balls and nudging my big balls to the right of the screen to make room to make more big balls, then trapping the little bouncing enemy balls.

The only solace I have was introducing this to other people, so they too would be caught up in the joy of FILLER.

I hate you, Filler.

Level 30. Higher levels don’t really get any harder, so its getting boring. good game though, thanks for the time waster!

A little tip: Keep your pile of bubbles dynamic!

It’s kind of fun, but it’s a HUGE system hog.

41591 points after 20 levels.

I always fill my ball room. :wink:

I got to 23…

I gave up last night around level 50. I didn’t think it was getting any harder either. My system slowed right down too.
I did work out that you can use the very smallest bubbles to make a net to keep the bouncers out, which made the bigger fillers easier to create, especially in the upper levels.

Go try it (heh).