Can anyone get past level 3 on this stupid game?

I think I must be missing some sort of strategy or something because I cannot get past the 3rd fricking level on this game. And I only made it to the third lvl once!!

Ohhh, yeah, I used to rule at this game. I use to make it continuously past level 10. Let me see if I can remember the secret.

When you’re waiting for the balls to stop falling make sure to keep clicking on the next move, that way the smallest amount of time possible passes between moves.

Stick close to the bottom so that you have the longest time to find the next move.

F**K this game is hard!! The difficulty ramps up FAST. From lvl 1 to lvl 2 is a HUGE jump in difficulty. That damn panic button doesn’t help because it seems to match the balls at the top everytime instead of the bottom. You get down to less than 4 moves and its REALLY hard to see where to go as teh clock ticks away.

ARGH!! I can’t even get back to lvl 3!

Always go for the diagonal if possible.

It also takes some practice till you can see moves. Since they can come in three directions they can often look very funny. Once you play enough you’ll begin to see them quicker.

What the frick? I just “ran out of moves”!! Thats just WEAK!! They should rig it so you always have one or two moves. Or at least re run the lvl for you!

Anyone know of any of these online games that is like Bubble Bobble? I like that game alot and can’t find one.

Ok, I am a dumbass. They reshuffle the board when you have no moves. DOH!

Og! the scaling of difficulty sucks! and the shaking and noise when you are about to lose make me just stop bc I begin to panic, arg!

heh heh. I suppose now would be a bad time to say I just got to level 8 with 96,718. Once you begin to see the next movie right away level 5 should be a breeze. Just remember as soon as you see a move click the first ball and start clicking away at the second. It’s noisy but if you click fast enough you can go from move to move with essentially no time passing.

You can try the other games at or at popcap. One might be more what you want to play.

Man, when that timer starts counting down at the end I feel like I am gonna have a stroke. I almost got past 3 just now. Had 9 balls left.

Can’t reccommend enough my favourite new game :slight_smile: - its like arkanoid/breakout but with gnomes!

Completely addictive, try it with the speakers up. I am going to be sending these kids some money, great game!

That one rocks, Iteki. Those gnomes are freaking hilarious.

The downloadable trial version of Bounce Out allows you to adjust the level of difficulty. You can get it at