Bounce Out (and I thought Freecell had me hooked)

I am not a gamer. Until I met Freecell. She lured me in and I spent countless hours, wasting my life, playing a glorified game of solitaire. But, I broke free.

Until I stumbled upon Bounce Out. It is deceptively easy. Switching neighboring balls around to make sets of three like-colored balls. But, it is the easy that has me hooked. You go from level to level, with less time as it becomes more difficult. Then the warning siren starts to sound I actually get freakishly nervous.

I have probably logged in at least 20 hours on this game this week.

Am I the only one that plays this game?

Do you have a link?


I prefer Dirt Dragons, but I’m a big Tremors fan.

Oh, man, I’ve been addicted to Bounce Out for almost a month. That siren really makes me nervous.

I love how the sound effects to Bounce Out sound exactly like a very bored man saying “BOING BOING”.

Look at the high scores. How do people get scores likt that?

I love the sound effects too.

When I want to play something laid-back, it’s either Bounce Out or Bejeweled, but Bounce Out is definitely more engaging.

Bounce Out was great, but I’ve moved on to Zuma and Insanaquarium.

I was playing Bounce Out a lot a while back. It’s a fun game, and the funny sound effects are the best part.

So what are the strategies for bounce out?

Where can I see the high scores?

My personal best is 70128. :rolleyes:

I play through or
and there’s a link on the bottom of the game window for high scores.

High score for today is 5,063,296
All time high score is 21,209,696

I always wonder if the people with the high scores are playing with dial up internet. Collapse was the same thing, ridiculously high scores that I could never even get close too.

And I was proud when I broke 70,000? :smack:

There, there. It’s okay. We can try again in a little while.

I’ve beaten it.

Wait a minute, I’m a total liar.
I was thinking of Pop and Drop, which I did beat. It’s pretty fun too, if anyone has a day or two to spare.

Collapse is also good.

I was hooked on Cubis for a while. One night I was playing, and I couldn’t lose - I wanted to go to bed, I was dead tired, and I just kept romping through level after level.

Guys, I don’t like to brag - but I am now at a personal best of 96,000! :cool:

How is it possible to get in the millions???

If I keep playing it, I might someday make it through the second level. Either that, or this is really not the game for me. :smiley: