Boomshine dealer - I'm calling you out!

Who ever turned me on to this game, I’m gonna kick your ass! :wink:

This is the most addictive, maddeningly simple and stupidly DIFFICULT game I’ve ever seen!!!

Final Score: 262
Ranking: Good

I preferred the lower levels – there was more of a “wait until you find the perfect spot to click” strategy going. After awhile, there were so many dots, and you needed to pop so many of them, that it became “click 'n pray”.

Still, fun game. Except for Level 9, which was a bitch.

Thanks for sharing!

Damn it! Is it possible to get more than 41 on level 11? This is killing me.

257 and a good ranking on my first try. And level 12 on the first click!

Took freakin’ forever to finish the final level!

I got a 258. Not ranked. 15 minutes on the last level. And the music is kinda sweet at forst, then it seems to mock you on the last level. Shaddup, already!

274 is my best shot.

If you actually clear ALL the dots, you get a Boomshine Bonus = 50 points.

Completed 12/12
Final Score: 258
Assessment: Good

It would be more fun if I could figure out a more reliable strategy. As it is, I only finished it b/c I was determined to be one of the 3-4% who could do it.

Final Score: 255
Assessment: Good

Level 12 took forever.

Huh…odd how different people have problems with different levels. Level nine was far and away the hardest for me, but 10, 11 and 12 were all one-shot finishes. Strange.

How the #%@#$% are people getting scores in the 500s? If you add up all the possible dots on every level, there aren’t 500 dots! Do you get bonus points for clearing a level entirely or something?

WhyNot - you get some kind of bonus for getting a “boomshine” which is all the dots on one level. I read that on the forum for the games. They don’t have much other good ones though, a couple are interesting.

I still can’t get to this to work, so it is secondhand information. I figure someone else will be along to explain sooner or later.

No matter what, it is a wonderfully addictive game.


Well, I’ve been farting around with this game for a couple of weeks, trying strategies like waiting for an open space in the middle, placing my boomlet to make separating chain reactions, waiting, waiting, waiting…click…durnit. Start over again.

Today I finished off the last level (60 balls). And, at this time, I’m ranked 25 for the day (323 points). Yay me! God, I actually clapped. Hee!

When the last ball disappeared, there was a DAH-DAH-DAH, and I think I got double points (120 instead of 60) because otherwise I would have been around my usual score.

Whew! Now I can go to work. Happy Earth Day, y’all!