Bounce-Out Game--Rules? Strategies?

I’ve been playing this game ever since some devil brought it up in MPSIMS. But I can’t find anywhere that talks about any strategies, or how the points are made. I did do a Google search, with Bounce Out and strategy, and strategies, and hints. (3 searches)

I found nothing except places that I could download the game.

Can anybody help? Is it better to try to lock the games (make it so there are no more plays) or to try to continue playing? Is it better to make trios at the top, so less time is used up, or at the bottom, so more balls move? What are other good strategies?

(and…is there any way to make myself stop?)

I found that the most convenient way to stop was (bear with me) to pay to download the game, play it until my eyes crossed and my high score grew to astronomical levels, then have my harddrive crash unrecoverably, so that I would have to pay more to download the game again and I wouldn’t have my high scores anyway.

I always thought there was much to be said for locking the game, because the time it took to destroy a bunch of balls and start again let you stretch your fingers, and, possibly, if you’re willing to risk it, blink.

I think the best way to mount up big point totals quickly is to go for big chains—fours and fives, rather than just threes.