Seperate the bouncing balls.

I gave up after 15 miniutes. See if you have better luck.

Well, I separated them in 59 seconds, but apparently on the wrong sides. :rolleyes:

104 seconds.

I got it in 234. I’ll tell you my little secret:

if you put all the balls on one side first, you really just have to concentrate on one half when seperating them. If a ball happens to come back to the original side (which happened a few times) no big loss. It’s much easier than concentrating on both halves.

119 seconds.

I got in in 75 seconds, the last ball took about 15 of those. I am addicted to a game called Blast Thru so I guess I’m good at the balls whizzing thru space and bouncing funny games :slight_smile:

41 seconds. Hoody-hoo!

I also put them on the wrong side, and then tried to get them on the right side, that’s when I gave up. But with drm’s trick I did it in 199 seconds.

well sumbitch! 40 seconds! that was luck, pure and simple.

44 seconds. And I wanted to slap my monitor.

15 seconds. :slight_smile: Here’s the real secret. Keep hitting reset until you have 12+ correct balls.

86 seconds.

On the whole, I’d rather play Jezzball.

Well, it’s all right (51 seconds on my first try), but it’s no Escape. But then, what is?

Is that a trick? I only lasted a fraction of a second.

A trick! Far from it. “Escape” is only the greatest drag-a-block-around-and-avoid-other-blocks game ever to hit the 'Net. See if you can hit twenty seconds!

Warning: Escape depends on the speed of your computer. A person with a slower computer can go for much longer than one with a faster computer because they don’t speed up as fast. That’ll explain why the guy next to you at work has three minutes and you can’t get past 15 seconds!

I did it in 34 seconds. But, like many others, I did it backwards, which pissed me off enough that I have no desire to play again.

I curse you for showing us this game. I just spent about 3 hours playing it! That is one addictive game.

57 seconds, first try, correct sides.

21.43 seconds! Woohoo!

hillbilly queen, you have to click on the red block (obviously) and keep your mouse pressed down. If you release your button, you lose.