Practice your hand-eye coordination

I’ll play more later when I get a chance, but I’ve managed to last almost 5 seconds.

I lasted 11 seconds, but I’m at work so not a good playing field. This was of course on the 10th try after I had memorized where to move in what order.

I made it 26.375 but I must confess to having seen this one before.

16+ seconds. Once you hit that 15 second speed-up, I get clobbered.

18.447 seconds. :slight_smile:

21.031 seconds at my third go. First time I just sat there.

I lasted 31.84, then I sneezed. heh

I can’t seem to crack about 22 seconds.

Something interesting I noticed:

I do better when I look at the whole screen than when I focus on the red box. I think it’s because when you focus on the red box, you rely on reflexes to dodge stuff, but if you focus on the whole box, your brain automatically computes where stuff is going and you can feel out where the safe zones are. I guess ~22 seconds is where it’s going too fast for my brain to do the calculations.

I just did 45.157 on my second try after doing 5.32. Of course, right now I have no way to prove that…

But I did! Honest!

25.937! :stuck_out_tongue:

22 seconds after getting a few tries of below five seconds. I have horrible on the spot hand eye coordination, but if you give me a while I’ll get it!

17.26, after several <5s times. I overlooked the part about not touching the sides.

  1. .5 seconds
  2. 16 seconds
  3. 31 seconds

35.11 minutes.

okay, okay. seconds.

I can do in the 30s easily. The “trick” I used to get better was to slow down and look for places to pause. Rather than avoiding the shapes I just concentrate on which corner I am heading to and just “incidentally” dodge the shapes. Similar eh?

I tried that and got 23.422 seconds! Thanks!!