Help me with this stupid idiotic dumb jerky game!

LHOD (a P.S.):

[spoiler]I just pasted your URL into other editors, like MS Word, and it appears that in your copy/paste version of it, the first three dots are really showing up as ONE ascii character, the one representing the ellipsis ‘…’

In the URL, it has to be three separate characters – three ‘periods’[/spoiler]

That’s exactly right, Monstre. I typed the clue into a Word document so that I could easily swap back and forth between it and the reference page I was looking at. Yay autocorrect! :mad:

Thanks for the help!

That’s the second invisible one?

View page source

I’ve gotten to 29 -> 30, and the answer should be obvious, but I don’t get it.

OK, I got it.

I got to 27, and I can’t figure out how to get past it.

The page is blank, and the page source is just the standard boring template, but with no information at all

Check everything again

::sigh:: I figured that out right after I posted. I still can’t figure out out to get to the next page. All my guesses bounce me back to page 1.

I’m stuck on 25. The hint is x19 I feel like it should be totally simple, but I’m not seeing it.

A hint:If you deal with computers, that would commonly be proceeded with “0”

Really obvious hint: It’s not base-10

And I did finally get 27.

Anybody with a hint for 18 -> 19?

It annoys the hell out of me that the answer is not just NINEteen.html

Hint: It’s all in the redirection

How? I keep getting bounced back to 1…

I tried #1b001b.html and variants thereof…

(2 minutes later) Though apparently, not the correct variation. :smack: I wish we could edit posts here…

I’m stuck on that one too, and I’m still confused. The looping is somehow part of the hint?

How do I get to 25?

I know the clue is the square root of 24, but I can’t get anything working here!

did I just skip to 110?


I suppose it depends on what base-counting system you are using.


What comes before the root of 24?

Any tips on 20->21?

Its an image of number 20. Its name is twnt.png What’s the clue?