Help me write a corny poem to go with this gift

Here’s the deal:

My mother gave me a pearl and diamond pendant when I turned 16. It’s a lovely little thing, but I never wear it; the chain is so fine as to be nearly invisible, and the pendant is similarly dainty, and my style is big and clunky. So it’s been languishing in my jewelry box for nearly 20 years. The last time I wore it was for my wedding more than 12 years ago.

Tonight we are attending a surprise Sweet 16 party for my friend’s daughter. She is an exceptional young lady whom we are quite close to, and I have decided to give her the necklace (with my mother’s permission), since I will have no daughters to pass it to. She’s cute and petite, and it will look lovely on her. I bought a pair of pearl earrings to match and got a nice gift box to present it in.

I’d like to make clear the “heirloom” nature of the gift: that the necklace was once my Sweet 16 gift, and that I added the earrings to make a set. So I thought I’d write up a little poem to tuck into the gift box where she’ll see it when she opens it. Here’s what I’ve got:

The necklace is old,
The earrings are new,
This was once my Sweet 16 gift,
And now it belongs to you.

Yeah, pretty bad. I’d like to improve it – at least make the meter come out right. At 4 in the morning (hey, I get insomnia from time to time) this is as good as it gets.

Any suggestions? We leave for the party around 5:30 CST, and I’ll need to write the card and wrap it before then. If nothing else, I’ll use that bad, bad version above, but I’d like to make it a little better.

Thanks for any help you can give!

People live, and people die
You will live for your loved ones, then say goodbye
Something like this can prove your union
And show you are united, even when one is in heaven
Nothing shows that you are united like a prescious heirloom
So i am doing as my mother did to me, and giving this to you
Someday you will do the same for your daughter, show her you are with her
And then you will pass on, but still be together
I’ve been told i’m a pessimist though, so take that with a grain of salt.

Eyes of diamond, skin of pearl,
Reflections of a growing girl,
Heirlooms we hope that you will too,
Give on to one when time is due.

Brainfizz, that was beautiful. What a gift for words!

There once was a niece in Wisconsin
whose aunt couldn’t find a rhyme for Wisconsin
She gave her a necklace
and some pearl earrings
and still can’t find a rhyme for Wisconsin.

Do I win?

Hmm… good .sig material :wink:

:smiley: No, Ethilrist, but you’re on the right track. (NB: She’s my friend’s daughter, no relation.)

The poems suggested are lovely and sentimental, but I really do want something corny on the order of my original, horribly scanning attempt, something that just states the history of the necklace and the fact that the earrings are new. It will fit in with our group’s weird sense of humor. I was originally going to just write a note (“Dear B, my mother gave me this when I was 16 and now I’m giving it to you”) but I thought a poem might be fun.

Plus, the box is only about 4"x4", so space is tight. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I really liked the rhyme of “pearl” and “girl” – may I tweak it a bit?

Mother gave me a necklace of diamond and pearl
Way back when I was a Sweet 16 girl
I’ve added some earrings for something new
This is my Sweet 16 gift to you.