Help me write a short poem or haiku

I hope this is the right forum to post this. I’d like to come up with something that is “greeting card” length for a friend whose dog had to be put down. I’m normally not like this, but she is, so I thought it might be comforting. If you create the winning poem, I’ll give you credit on the home-made card I’m sending her. Thanks to all who contribute! (By the way, I’d like to do this today, if possible.)

Nothing says caring like a poem written by a stranger on the internet.

What I meant was that I’m not one to write poetry (it’s not easy!). Like no one ever bought a friggin’ greeting card that was written by someone else? Here’s one for you:

There once was a poster named Miller,
Who thought his sarcasm was killer.
He wasted my time,
(and didn’t even rhyme!)
So his post count would increase with filler.


(Gee, I’m better at this than I thought!)

In your case, I might suggest that you refrain from writing a limerick about your friend’s loss :slight_smile:

…despite the fact that I found it to be quite clever.

Yeah, sometimes I crack myself up!:smiley:

I have to agree with interface here a greeting card or poem doesn’t seem appropriate unless she has an odd sense of humour and you want to cheer her up.

But to be honest who can resist the urge to write haiku

    dog lies on vet floor

motionless on this plane, but
chasing cats through hell

on a slightly more serious note.

Cry not for your dog for he would wish it not
a dog remembers emotion not fact
remember the balls chased
the cats scared
and remember all dogs go to heaven

Joyful bark silent
Wagging tail forever still
Alone now I weep

and on a somewhat lighter note:

There once was a doggie quite sniffy
Who’d get at one’s crotch in a jiffy
He would hump on your leg
Or roll over and beg
But now he just lies there all stiffy


All dogs got to heaven it’s true
There’s plenty of stuff they can chew
They shed lots of hairs
While napping on chairs
And use a shag rug for a loo.

Flacojones wrote,

Joyful bark silent
Wagging tail forever still
Alone now I weep

Thanks, Flacojones! This is just what I was looking for.

Caffeine Overdose, maybe I shouldn’t have used “greeting” card. “Sympathy” card is what I had in mind, but I just call them all greeting cards…just a habit.

At first I attempted haiku
To bid your poor doggie “adieu”
But that five-seven-five
Was too hard to contrive
So instead I’ll just say “toodle-loo!”

Excellent, Sputnik! A little light for doggie death, but limerick-wise, she’s a beauty!

You’re right, I was being rather flip about your friend’s tragic loss. Perhaps this better expresses the appropriate measure of sorrow:

The reports that your doggie has died
Had distressed me so deeply I cried,
"I can’t bear to go on
"Now that Fifi is gone
“Let me cremate myself by her side!”

Hallmark, here I come!

A sound at the door
My hand goes down to calm you.
But you are gone, now.

Just right.
No, I haven’t suffered from the loss of a dog recently. But this is wonderful. Thank you.
And if you were just joking, that’s fine. I still love it.

Trisk, that was lovely. Thank you.

No, I wasn’t joking.

I am happy to share my image.

Use it freely, if you find it appropriate.

I really like haiku.