Help! MSN Messenger's driving me nuts!

OK, I’ve been trying to install MSN Messenger for the last couple of days. Here’s the procedure:

[li]Sign into Hotmail and go to the Messenger Home page[/li][li]Go through download procedure (include Run from current location). Waiting…waiting…[/li][li]Read the prompt that endlessly teases me that “The MSN® Messenger Service installation wizard will ask for your Microsoft® Passport sign-in name.” I know better.[/li][li]Look at new window that pops up. Download complete. Do I want to install and run MSN Messenger Service 3.6? Click Yes[/li][li]Nothing. No “installation wizard” asking for anything, no new window to tell me what to do next. Searching hard drive, start menu, desktop for any indication MSN Messenger is there somewhere. No luck.[/li][li]Re-check Help. All answers intended for someone who downloaded successfully. I do not qualify.[/li][li]Bang head on desk.[/li]
I’m no compu-genius, I just do what I’m told. I’ve done everything they tell me and something’s not right. Before I fall into the depths of Microsoft customer service hell, I thought I’d ask the TM. Any ideas?

btw, I have a Dell Dimension XPS B733r, since I know that’ll be one of the first questions.

Actually my first question is what OS are you running? WIN98/ME/XP?

However, I just tried it, and it worked fine. WIN/NT. You may want to try downloading to your hard drive and executing from there. But remain connected to the internet.

Also, delete everything in your TEMP folder. EVERYTHING!! If it won’t delete, then reboot, and try again.

After the “do you want to install and run”, you should get a license agreement screen. It then will start copying files.

If you’d like, you can email me at