MSN Explorer question

I have Hotmail as my primary e-mail account. After 2 years of using it, my account size is right up against the 2048K limit it allows. Hotmail says that with MSN Explorer, you can export folders to your local hard drive. I have no great desire to use Explorer regularly, but thought I’d download it for just this purpose. I tried a few times a few weeks back, and I tried agian tonight. Each time it started it’s installation process, but stopped about 3/4 of the way through. Does anyone have any idea of the cause of this? Putting all my stuff in my folders at hotmail on my HD would be great. Downloading thousands of messages one at a time would not. Anyone got any ideas?

I know you are supposed to be able to download them into Outlook Express (the free email program). But, I added a Hotmail account to it as per the instructions but it doesn’t work.

Try installing it from CD. You can order a free CD from the download site: . Just look below the “install|it’s free” button for the “Order a CD” link.