help, my baby won't eat...

My 7-month old baby boy won’t eat… he only likes to suck on his mother’s breastmilk and that’s all. But he loves playing on things and putting these on his mouth. I did get him to eat cereals and a combination of boiled veggies though when he was 6 months old but that’s it, after that he no longer eats. Is this okay? How much solid food babies his age need to eat to stay healthy? Is his mom’s breastmilk enough to keep him healthy or must I force him to eat his cereals?

Just wait till he gets hungry enough, and then he will eat just about anything.

I will try to find a cite, but a child gets the vast majority of his/her nutritition from breast milk or formula until it is 12 months old. (I work for a breastfeeding company so I see this type of research all the time.) Introduction of solid food is more for practice with the stuff than nutritition. Breast milk is better than formula, so you are one up there for that. Now let me go find a cite. :slight_smile:

Here is one - it says that other than iron, a baby gets everything he/she needs from breastmilk until 12 months. They need supplemental iron at 8 or 9 months. OVerall, very good advice int his article.article

Slightly less reliable source, but interesting reading. I had found another one that said babies 6-12 months of age should be gaining half a pound per month and not to worry about eating habits unless they are not gaining weight. Let that be your gauge.otehr article

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Anecdotally, my nephew was 100% breatfed until one year of age – he gained weight fine, was quite healthy, slept well, etc. He went straight from the breast only to table food and drinking from a cup. So, if your baby seems otherwise healthy (gaining weight appropriately, sleeping well, not overly fussy or cranky), I wouldn’t worry.

What does your pediatrician have to say, though? It’s probably better to go to him or her for advice of this type.

Your post made me think of another breastfeeding issue that has come back up as of late:

Rickets has been on the rise again, at least in the North America.

Do you have a family doctor or pediatrician? Even though I doubt that anyone here would steer you wrong, if you’re at all concerned, it’s a much better idea to see a medical professional than to rely on the advice of internet strangers.

A breastfeeding company, eh? I can only imagine the work that goeson there.

Actually what does go on there…I mean, you don’t have to produce a naturally occuring process.

As a baby I was exactly the same and I’m fine.

Quite frankly, the average pediatrician knows less about breastfeeding than the average breastfeeding mother. I’d rather she called her local La Leche League leader for advice on the situation.


I was just going to offer a pitch for the La Leche League, but someone beat me to it :slight_smile:
Really, they’re great.

Don’t let grandparents and other similarly aged people scare you, either. It was common for pediatricians to teach that babies should be on solid foods as early as two months. They were also often taught that breastmilk was untrustworthy. This is not the current wisdom at all. As others have said, focus on weight gain. You can’t “force” a healthy child to eat any particular food, so don’t try.

Well, we aren’t a breastfeeding company so much as a breast pump company, but we work very closely with La Leche and such. We help fund the leading research group, which is based out Australia with Professor Hartmann.research link

Please note that the OP is from the Phillipines and may not have good local resources. I don’t know if there are La Leche chapters there. Also, the OP could have been the father and not the mother.

You can tell when babies are ready for solid food. They try to grab food off your plate when you eat. It is common for breastfed babies to dislike baby cereal. Perhaps he just has a picky palate and you haven’t tried the right thing yet. Also, don’t turn it into a power struggle. Don’t try to force him or it will only make it worse. Make it a game, make it fun, and I would bet he is eating in no time.

I was in the hospital when I was an infant, and the staff were concerned that I wasn’t eating. My mom told them to give me Brussels sprouts. They thought she was mad. What kid likes Brussels sprouts? But they gave them to me, and I ate them. (I still like Brussels sprouts, BTW.)

Yeah, but look at you now !!!

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True, but can’t they be contacted on the web? I know there are quite a few breastfeeding forums and message boards hosted by breastfeeding advisors and La Leche people. If he (she?) can’t get in local contact with the LLL, he still has resources available on the web.