Help! My company doesn't know what they're doing!

I’ve been a Temporary Employee at this large E-Commerce company for almost 2 years now…underpaid and overworked. Basically, I create mailboxes on the network and process them for EDI (Electronic Document Interchange) tranfers. I’ve been doing this for the whole time I’ve been here, I’m the only person who does it, and I’m the only person left here who really knows the entire process.

Yesterday, my manager called me into his office to tell me that a lady was going to form a group to create mailboxes, etc. and she would be the Project Manager. He said he just found out about this 15 minutes before talking to me. He said she’d be in contact with me to find out if I’d like to help out, what my concerns are, and any questions I may have. This was around 2:30 yesterday afternoon. At 4:30, as I’m getting ready to leave, I receive a email memo about employees who will be moving next Friday. To my suprise, my name was on the list, and I’m being moved to another building…the Project Manager’s building. Plus, I’ll be moving out of the cube I have all to myself to a cube I have to share with someone else. I just don’t like that idea.

So, apparently, they decided to sign me up and move me into this group without even asking.

Now, if I leave suddenly, it will severely cramp production and create some serious problems for this company. However, it is NOT my intention to screw these people over. But, I also don’t want them treating me like the proverbial “temp”, because I know more about their system than your average temp would.

My concerns, which apparently this Project Manager lady doesn’t want to know about, is the fact that this mailbox-creating business isn’t exactly a 24/7 thing. It’s not a steady flow. Sometimes there are lots to make…sometimes there are none. This is where I am concerned. If they create a whole group of people to do this…what are they going to do when there’s downtime, send everyone home for three days?! It just doesn’t make sense.

Like I said, I don’t want to cause trouble for these people, but also, being a temp, I don’t think I even have any kind of say in the whole process. I have no qualms with leaving…I can always find another job, but I’ve been here so long, and I think I have a future here.

I have yet to talk to the Project Manager, and I’m afraid she’s gone for today, and probably Tuesday, too. I don’t want to move, becuase it’s just annoying, and I like having my own cube. Plus, I really don’t think this whole group thing is gonna work they way she thinks it will. I wish she would have just talked to me before trying to move me. This really chafes my ass.

Anyways, I guess I’d like to hear some opinions here. Should I go find something else…or do what they tell me to do? I’m not very good at confrontations. I’m afraid I’ll either talk my way right out of a job, or I’ll be totally submissive and move into a dead-end project. I just really hope they give me the courtesy my intelligence requires…

Thanks for lending your ear for me to bitch into! :smiley:

I would definitely voice your concerns. I’m sure they’d rather hear what you have to think now than find out later the hard way. I’m sure they would appreciate it.

I wouldn’t jump ship just yet. See where it goes - as you’ve already said, you might have a future at this company.

Good luck and let us know how it goes!

Talk to your present supervisor.
Does he/she know that you’ve been moved? Show them a copy of the email message. Explain that you would rather stay put, in their department. And find a way to explain that you are unhappy with being ordered around. It might not help now, but it’s a crappy policy that you should try to get changed. No one likes being told “you will do whatever”. Temp or otherwise.
Good luck!