Help! My crappy speakers stopped working!

Just the rear ones, not the front ones. The front speakers work fine.

Any ideas?

I’m assuming you’re running XP, but asking for computer help w/o an OS type is like asking for legal advice w/o saying even what country you’re in.

Anyhow. Assuming they’re plugged in, you should check out “Sounds and Audio Devices” in the Control Panel, hit “Advanced”, and make sure the speaker setup conforms to what you have.

If you have software that came with your sound card, there may be a similar setting somewhere in there too.

I don’t think the OP is talking about computer speakers, Nanoda. It sounds like automotive speakers to me. In any case, a quick and dirty test is to disconnect the speaker(s) from the source and connect the wires for it(them) across a 9V battery momentarily. If you hear a click or pop, you know you have continuity, at least, and should look at the audio source as the problem. If you hear nothing, your speaker has fused open.

Sorry Q.E.D., ** Nanoda** was right about what speakers.

Nanoda, I am using Windows XP and I did fiddle around with the sound devices before posting. But, not luck so far. I’ll try a few more things though.