Help my first "Elevator speech" (Interview)

Ive been called today saying I have an Interview tomorrow. As part of this interview I should give a 2 minute Elevator Speech. I was told by the girl on the phone, imagine I am in an elevator on the TV show the apprentice and I have 2 mins to sell/market myself to get hired and not fired.

What sort of things should I include in this speech ?

Their guidance is:

I dont know what USP is either, any hints ?

Any advice on the content of this speech would be much appreciated.

University of Sao Paulo? United States Pharmacopeia?

That last would make a great speech in some cases.

Is this a marketing job? In marketing the USP is the Unique Selling Proposition, the thing which says to your customer: “buy this product and you will get this specific benefit”. FedEx had a good one in “absolutely positively has to get there overnight”. The USP was the guarantee of overnight delivery, not the fact of overnight delivery which a number of people offered even then.

I am too old and jaded to look for, much less accept, a job with this kind of song and dance requirement at the interview stage unless it’s actually a job involving footlights, curtains, and an audience. Which does not mean you should not, as it says in the Bible, there is a time for song and dance and a time for telling them to get shoved and I have certainly sung my share of show tunes.

But I am a little unclear on your assignment, are you supposed to cover all these subjects in two minutes? Or just one of them?

USP = Unique Selling Point?

As I understand I am just to pick a few and give the best “why you should pick me speech” in 2 mins.

Unique Selling Point fits. What a load of bolocks, interviews are a farce these days, well thanks anyway.