Job Interview Help Please ???

This is currently my fourth job interview in 2 weeks. Obviously I have been unsuccessful with the other three. Can anyone enlighten why???

I dress smart, always smile and answer the questions. Surely I must have something they are after or they would not ask me to attend. I have to leave in 1hour so please help.


i think the advice most people gave me and what i now give people is that interviewers are basically looking to hire someone they would want to work with. everyone there at the interview is qualified for the job. it seems from my experience and other people coming out of college is that skills play a lesser part than say in a high level technical type job. i would say keep it friendly and try to establish a rapport of some sort. oh and it doesn’t hurt to be enthusiastic about the position and want to learn more about it. cheer up, it’s a tough market.

<motivational speech>
I, too, have been on 4 job interviews in the last 2 weeks. Don’t think that you’ve been ‘unsuccessful’ at any of them just because they haven’t called you back yet.

Often companies take time to interview a candidates over a week or two, so those other 3 companies may not have finished interviewing yet. Once they’re finished, they may take even more time to make their selection.

The fact that they chose to interview YOU amongst all of the other applicants says that you have something going for you. You would probably be surprised at how many applications employers get when they post a job.

Don’t get discouraged! (And good luck on today’s interview!!)
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*I have given this speech to myself enough times…

Thanks guys I need all the help I can get. The other three interviews I have been told directly by phone that I have not got. They keep telling me I was very close second… Doh second.

I was made redundantone month ago and have no money now so really need to get this job.

Thanks for the hlep. Mt palms are starting to sweat already lol

Wishing you well on your interview as well.

Stay calm… BREATHE

Open communication posture (no crossed arms or legs)

Be Yourself! This is the #1 factor. You can answer the questions they ask, be all they want you to be, but if you aren’t yourself, you may let both sides down.

Lost my job last week as well so I can sympathise.

Be kind to yourself as well. Buy a small treat after the interview as a reward for doing your best.

Choccie always helps :slight_smile: … ups those serotonin reuptake inhibitors…

Best of luck!!

Of course, it depends on what sort of work you’re applying for.

One of my mates was a Personnel Director.
The industry standard for office jobs is as follows:

Most applications are rejected at the CV stage.
Anything poorly presented, too long or irrelevant goes straight in the bin.
Next comes a further winnowing, usually based on something that catches their eye in the CV (particularly relevant experience, or perhaps an interesting hobby).
Only a few candidates make it to an interview. Since you’re getting interviews, you are a strong candidate!

So you just need to hang in there. Don’t worry, your turn WILL COME. :cool:

I know this is difficult advice to follow, but it works:
Stay calm, turn up on time, be smartly dressed and have some knowledge of the company.

Remember that companies want someone like you.