Help! My Kindle just died

I bought my Kindle (generation 1) last October. Just now, I was trying to turn on the wireless connection to download a book from Amazon when it just stopped working. The navigation keys were unresponsive. I turned it off (you know, when in doubt, reboot) and it came on and stopped working again. I turned it off and now I have the white screen of death. It won’t turn on again. The battery still had at least half a charge on it. Any suggestions? If it was my phone, I’d take the battery out and reinstall it but can’t figure out how to do that on the Kindle.

Do a hard reboot, nine times outa 10 that will work.

ETA: more info…hold power switch in the “on” position for 30 seconds. Wait patiently.

Kakayer, how do I do a hard reboot? Thanks for the help.

The first thing I’d do is just hold the power slide in the “on” position for 30 seconds (watch a clock). Then wait patiently for something to happen.

Even though the battery meter claims it’s still half full, have you tried charging it?

YAY! The hard reboot (hold the on button for 20 seconds) worked. And now I’m charging up, too. Thanks for the help!

Seriously? A 1st generation Kindle??