Help my Pirate Costume

I found a great pirate costume for a Halloween party and I’m tres excited to wear it. However, I’m really not sure what to do about makeup and jewelry. I picked up a skull ring at the costume store but that’s all I’ve got. The girl on the costume package had a long pearl necklace wrapped around her neck a few times, but that doesn’t strike me as very piratey. I’m willing to be wrong on that. As for makeup, I keep thinking of heavy black eyeliner, but that’s pretty much because of Jack Sparrow, and he’s a boy, so…clearly I need help!

Oh and one other thing…fishnet stockings? Yay or nay?

Go crazy. It’s not like some wank can say “That’s not authentic female pirate garb!”

see Pirate Laws

That was actually really helpful! I don’t know what their basis is for the rules, but I’m inclined to agree with them. I could still use help with the makeup, although I now know that nail polish is verboten. :slight_smile:

Are you a lusty pirate wench or a dangerous pirate wench?

For lusty, fishnets are acceptable.

Jewelry consists of anything shiny. Pearls are good. Costume jewelry is very good. Keep in mind, pirates kept their wealth on them. If some is good, more is better.

For dangerous, you need to be heavily armed. At LEAST two bladed weapons, and preferably a pistol. This pirate carries a sword, a dagger, and a knife. The idea is clearly state: you can look, but don’t touch. And if I don’t like how you’re looking, I’ll run you through.

You can get some ideas from and

Fishnet stockings are okay, if the stockings smell of fish.

Pirates are all about the bling / booty. Wear whatever shiny jewelry (real or costume) you have, and a lot of it. (Golden Age pirates didn’t have access to banks, and didn’t always live long enough to spend their haul anyway.) Pearls are okay, though a long pearl string says “flapper” not “pirate.” At least one large gold hoop earring is de rigueur.

The extent of makeup depends on your portrayal, as Silver Tyger Girl said. For a lusty pirate wench costume, go over the top with the makeup. For a dangerous pirate lass, all you need is a dollop of eau de gunpowder.

Speaking of which… Silver Tyger Girl, do you have pix of your costume? - I had to borrow pants that weekend. - no bodice because it was bloody hot.

That’s a very good outfit! The rear-mounted main-gauche is a good touch.

Here’s my Talk Like a Pirate Day album. The last two photos in the album are my costume.

I had picked up a sword at the costume store so I’ve got that. I almost got a pistol too but nowhere to stash it - my outfit is one piece, and, well, I’ll need a drinkin’ hand. :slight_smile:

I’m inclined toward lusty wench, so I’m going to really consider those fishnets. You all make a good point about jewelry - gotta show off my treasure! Please keep the thoughts and suggestions coming!

Having one hand free to hold the drink is very important. You learn swiftly, grasshopper. :slight_smile:

Wear a sash around your waist (preferably black or red), and stick the prop pistol in that. I do that for my outfit.

Hello sexy!

I found the dagger at a swap meet. I glued leather to the scabbard to hide the rust. It’s (and the rest of my weapons) pretty much permanently peace-tied. I’m going to just plain cross-dress next year, if I manage to get a vest made in time. I’ll have to make a holder for my flask, since I won’t be able to keep it in my bodice.

Now you’ve got me all thinking…what small piratey thing could I stash in my cleavage? I once carried a pack of smokes between the girls for a white trash costume. It was pretty great, I could certainly revive that idea. Thoughts?

Let’s try something simpler. How about a catcher’s mask and a baseball bat?

The usual answers are small knives and stilettos (preferably sheathed), and flowers (preferably also sheathed). I’ve also seen various shiny objects and pressed papers wind up tucked into well-presented cleavage – but this wouldn’t be you stashing them there.

It depends on how tight your bodice is. Since this is a Halloween costume, I wouldn’t go overboard. I’ve seen apples, money, pistols, knives, flasks, belaying pins, and probably more I can’t think of at the moment.