Help! Name that film!

There’s a famous documentary about a psychological experiment performed on college students. It involved seperating the group into prisoners and prison guards. The guards begin abusing the prisoners almost immediately, and the experiment is cut short. Can anyone tell me the name of it??? Thanks!

Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiments. Here’s the site:

I love that movie. But IIRC, they didn’t actually cut the experiment short. It went on to include a prison riot and lots of other nifty psychological damage.

Can you tell I’m a therapist? :wink:

I apparently DON’T remember correctly. they did cut it short. It’s Millgram’s experiments that ran the whole time (another great illustration of what people will do for authority figures…).

Sorry about that!


Is it Quiet Rage: The Stanford Prison Experiment? I remember hearing about his in the mid-nineties, I think. I’ll do some researche.