I'm not a doctor, but I'm going to play one on television!

Well, a psychologist, anyway.

This is partly an announcement to other Dopers in Japan and partly an announcement that I have finally lived one of my childhood fantasies: getting paid to smash stuff with a sledgehammer.

The show Tokumen 200X: Far East Research Company (Sunday, Feb. 16, 8pm, NTV) a weekly science/entertainment show, will run a segment about Philip Zimbardo’s “broken window” experiment:

In the re-enactment, I will be playing Dr. Zimbardo.

We had an absolute blast filming this. Few things are as stress-relieving as picking up a huge hammer, smashing something with it, and having people applaud afterward. I don’t know where they got the car (more of a late-80’s model than a 1969), but by the time filming was finished, we had completely demolished it. Most of us said (among ourselves, of course, we’re not stupid enough to give the people paying us any ideas!) that we would have done this for free.

WTG, Sublight!

I hate it when I gabandon my car and gvandals gvandalize it. :smiley:

In other news: well done Sublight. Is it going to be on streaming video anywhere?

jjimm, I don’t think so, but I’ll check. I could tape it, save it to my hard drive and share it through Kazaa, but that would be an illegal copyright violation and morally wrong.