To the jackass who sprayed my car with broken glass

Fuck you, guy in the green minivan.

Most people know enough to avoid a pile of glass sitting between lanes on the freeway. You apparently don’t. Instead, you seem to think that changing lanes and driving right over it would be a superb idea. It’s either that, or your oblivious to the idea that kicking up a large pile of broken glass is not a good idea.

You probably don’t even care, right? You had to change lanes. Your exit was only three miles away. It was crucial that you come into my lane at that moment and no later, otherwise you surely would have missed your exit.

You probably have no concept of what being sprayed with flying glass goes. Not only does it briefly freak the driver out (hey, you try not flinching when anything is flying at you while your driving), but it does a fair amount of damage. Because of your dumb ass, I now have a bunch of scratches and nicks in my windshield. There are at least a half-dozen gouges taken out of just one fender, each exposing bare metal. I haven’t even looked at the hood and bumper cover yet. If I don’t get this all fixed the car will start to rust and I’ll have to worry about light refractions affecting visibility.

So, now I have to pay to get this all fixed. Sure, insurance will cover most of it, but I still have to cover my deductible. That’s money that I’d much rather put to something else. And I have to sink a bunch of time into getting this dealt with. And I’ll have to drive a crappy rental car for at least a week.

Yeah, accidents happen. But there was no reason this had to happen. It would have totally been avoided if you were paying attention and thinking while you were driving.

So fuck you, asshole in the green minivan.

This is the worst thing going on in your life? Don’t sweat the small stuff, you will live a lot longer.


No, it’s not the worst thing in my life. It’s something that pissed me off that I chose to rant about here.

People have started pit threads about gym music, basketball teams, pizza delivery areas, an overabundance of local electronics stores, and other things that are just as “small” or even smaller. Why don’t you go play counselor to one of them if you have nothing better to do.


Broken glass gouged your bumper… okay. Whatever…

Well, I hate it when people drive over stuff on the highway too. Five-gallon buckets that have fallen off of utility trucks, styrofoam packing material, boxes, broken up tire parts from re-tread semi wheels, large animals.
Ive seen lots of people run over some large and obvious things when they could have easily swerved a foot or so in either direction without causing alarm in the next lane. The large animal thing bothers me the most. Who cant see a dead deer/dog in the road a half-mile away? Yet you get the people that will run the thing into the pavement rather than go around it.

I think some people have no idea where the corners of their cars are. These are the same people that don`t get out of the lane when they make a left turn, or a U-turn, rather they hang the back-half of their car into traffic when there is still 6 feet of space in the front of their car to creep forward.

Some people just don`t get the whole driving thing.

My point was, this is a trivial occurence in the grand scheme of things, and I don’t understand what makes it rant-worthy. Spray some primer on the dings and get on with life. It’s only a car.

How close were you to the van ahead of you?

Man, spiralscratch that sucks. I hope your deductible’s not too high - and that your insurance covers the rental costs.

It really bites when YOU have to pay for someone else’s stupidity.

Though, I don’t suppose anyone else sees the inherent humor in someone with the userID of “spiralscratch” griping about the scratches on his car, do they?

<crickets chirping>
Nah, didn’t think so. Never mind.

Shheeesh, shut the fuck up already, you sound like an asshole.

I’m sorry that you have to deal with this. Some folks are just oblivious when driving. I hope it doesn’t cost too much to get your car fixed. And I have to say, if this happened to me… I’d pit it, too. People can pit whatever they want, no matter how small and it’s fine by me. Not that anyone wishing to pit needs my permission, you know what I mean.

It’s just an aggravation you did NOT need and that’s what the Pit is for.

Guilty as charged, yer honor. That’s one of the reasons I hardly ever drove our station wagon. Smaller cars aren’t a problem for me, primarily because there isn’t a half-acre of hood in my field vision.

One of the underrated pleasures I get in life, when putting up with people like you who follow too closely, is when I drive over a large object in the middle of my lane (high ground clearance vehicle), and the person behind can’t stop in time. CRUNCH!

Wow, this thread is bringing out the assholes.

What I don’t get, spiralscratch, is why anyone in their right mind would drive through a heap of glass in the first place. I avoid it like the plague. Intellectually, I know a little glass isn’t going to give me a flat, but still… I think he just didn’t see it. SO - stop thinking of him as an asshole, and start thinking of him as an oblivious asshole.

Wow, an asshole with no comprehension skills! What part of ‘the van changed lanes’ don’t you understand? Or do you expect him to wail on his brakes and drop back 50 feet the millisecond the van starts to make a move? Putz.

Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen broken glass in the road. Dead animals, yes, but no glass.

As I say about bad/inconsiderate drivers (which there are plenty of in Las Vegas) is that some people should be under the cars’ wheel intstead of behind the wheel :smiley:
I know, it’s a bit sick

Sorry to hear about your car, I know how much stuff like that sucks.

It’s all the time on the streets here after an accident. The tow truck drivers are supposed to clean it up, ha-ha.

I can’t wait until they replace all the idiot drivers with cars that drive themselves. People just don’t know how to pay attention to the road.

No- you can’t pay attention to the road on your cell phone.

No- you can’t pay attention to the road while sightseeing.

No- you can’t pay attention to the road while having an animated disscussion with the person next to you, looking at them instead of forwards.

No- you can’t pay attention to the road while reading.

No- you can’t pay attention to the road while doing your make-up.

No- you can’t pay attention to the road while working on your lap-top ( Actually saw this!)

If, for some reason you think that you are paying attention to the road while doing any of these things, you are a dangerous idiot.

If for some reason, you are actually paying attention to the road and you do stupid things like run over plies of glass that are easily avoided, perhaps it’s time you gave up your liscence. Way too people on the roads that should have failed their driver test.

I think the driver’s liscence test is far too easy. One mistake should mean you failed, after all, you are supposed to be deomonstrating your ability to handle a dangerous moving object safely. If you can’t do that, you shouldn’t drive.

So only things that are important of you belong in the Pit? Oh, our apologies, your majesty. We didn’t know we’d interefered with your royal crapping-ness.

Thaumaturge, Amen, brother. (or sister)

spiralscratch, I feel your pain. I had an idiot in front of me drift over onto the shoulder and spray me with gravel because he wasn’t paying attention. (And before anyone asks, no, I wasn’t tailgating his stupid ass.)