help naming a bed & breakfast

Hey out there,

I am opening a bed & breakfast and would love some help coming up with a good name. I saw that a decade ago some folks here came up with some great names
for a western/southern/rural theme ( and am hoping for some good suggestions for a small town victorian house in Michigan.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Can you give us some insight into your bed and breakfast?

Theme, attitude, color scheme, some of your interests? Help us find inspiration! :slight_smile:

Victorian Secret

Are there any prominent places or features nearby?

Not the Bates Hotel

‘The Elves’ Wee Bed’a’Bye’.

Prince Albert in the Can

We Are Not Amused

Ghillie John Brown’s

The Poke n’ Choke

Not a snark, but I’m rather surprised at the use of the word ‘Victorian’ to describe a house in the US, given that you had been independent for over sixty years before she came to the throne. [I’m assuming that ‘Victorian’ relates to the UK’s Queen Victoria…]

If you’re looking to push the Victorian theme, old British aristocratic names such as Grovesenor, Tavistock or Chumley-Warner might work.

Or Fawlty Towers…

I, for one, am not particularly creative. I submit:
Wake And Bake Inn.


I think it makes it sound cooler. I’m not sure if that term was used near the same time - might be more recent to call them that.

It is fairly common here to use many British sounding names in the marketing and sale of homes. Especially names of home models (specific floor plans).

Plus a Victorian era lasts a lot longer than say a “Lincoln era” style would.

Lots of people have desperately been trying to reclaim some of the culture that was left behind when we became our own country. Hence Hollywood Royalty, near-reverential worship of the Kennedy family, and the First Lady of the US, which has been an institution since 1860. Prior to that, they were occasionally referred to as “Presidentress;” this is a change I heartily endorse.

As I said, I was surprised, I wasn’t doubting the OP.
It seems a bit strange that, after winning independence from your old colonial overlords you would use British architectural terms.
Ignorance fought.

You still owe us some tea, though…

It’s in the harbour!

Notice the spelling… :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know why, but I just love the name The Firefly Inn

or The Rosewood Inn

or Honeysuckle House

or Moon Glow Manor

Gooble Gobble, Gooble Gobble, We accept you, one of us…


You just signed my death warrant! :eek:

If it describes the style, it’s appropriate to use it. We also use Bauhaus to describe styles despite not being German…

You underestimate the influence Victoria had around the world. The term “Victorian” can pretty much be applied to all English-speaking countries in the late 19th century. It covers many things besides architecture: fashion, morality, science and technology, and so on.

EDIT: No, I did not see Post #11 before I wrote this. :frowning: