Help naming my yoga class

Hi! Can anyone help me think of clever, creative names for 2 yoga classes? I teach “power” yoga and my classes are pretty challening. In no way sitting and stretching. I have one class that’s a bit more on the mild side and one that is rigorous. Would love for both of the class names to be related somehow. I saw a similar post on this and the answers were so creative and awesome. Hoping somebody will chime in that is more creative than I…:confused:

How about XTREME Inner Peace Yoga/XTREME Inner Peace Yoga (with XTRA Ass-Kicking)?


Twist and Shout/Twist and Slouch
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Insantric Yoga

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Yoga Bear and Boo-Boo

Lotus 1-2-3 and Excel…?

JZ Power Yoga

JZX Power Yoga Xtreme

Slow Burn
Burn, Baby, Burn

Yoyoga - the class you’ll want to keep coming back to

ICBY - I Can’t Believe it’s Yoga

Sorry can’t help you with a name but Yoga has seriously changed my life.

Wait maybe “Mantra Yoga”

My instructor gives us daily mantras which at first i thought were silly but have really helped me connect within when life get stressful…or not.


Cultural Appropriation 105

Yoplait & Oikos

TCBY: “This Can’t Be Yoga” or “The Country’s Best Yoga”


“Not Your Mother’s Yoga”