Help!!! Need birthday gift ideas for a Chef

So what type of birthday gifts would a Chef appreciate?

I don’t want to break the bank

Whatever you do… (unless he requests otherwise)… DON’T buy him anything profession-specific.

Anyone who likes to/has to cook appreciates a good knife. Or so my cooking friends tell me.

Get him something to do with his hobbies, not his profession.

How soon… I have both of Anthony Bourdain’s books signed by the him…one has a nice little sketch he did…you can have them if you like

Yes, and chances are he 1) has a good knife already, since it’s pretty much a basic requirement and 2) even if he did need a knife, he has a specific brand/style/type that he likes, and it ain’t cheap.

I second what GrizzRich said - you’re wading into deep water if you try to buy something profession or hobby specific. Anyone who’s into anything is usually pretty particular about what they like and dislike, and also usually has already purchased all the inexpensive items anyway.

That said, being a chef, is there anything food-y that he likes? Food’s a good one, since you always can use more. Maybe a gift certificate to that fancy cheese store he loves, or a box of his favorite candy?

I’ll suggest some really good olive oil from a gourmet store, especially a Greek primo type, should be about $15. You can never have enough olive oil, and it’s hard to part with $15 for a pint for yourself, but a nice gift. It can easily be wrapped in a fancy wine wrapper,too…presentation is everything.

Great olive oil is like fine wine; delectable, aromatic, thrilling nuance of aftertaste. Very useful coming into the fresh vegetable season. I’ve made meself hungry…

The one thing my brother always wants for home is the professional rubber cutting board things. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one, but if I recall his description, he said that they were always (day-glo?) green. Apparently they are easier to clean and friedlier on your knives than wood (however, they aren’t self anti-bacterial like wood is–but a chef will be better at keeping his stuff clean than lesser mortals.)

Otherwise, yeah, probably best to go for a hobby or other interest that he wouldn’t be pre-outfitted on.

Gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma. Let him pick something out! :slight_smile:

Anything made out of cast iron. Chefs love cast iron.

If you want something more personal than a gift certificate, high end food is always appreciated. Balsamic Vinegar, Olive Oils, Cheese, Wine, Vanilla Beans, Saffron, Smoked Salmon, Caviar. Depending on your price range, theres a wide range of different selections. Personally, I would go for higher quality/smaller amount if your on a budget. It’s more an excuse to savour an ingredient that’s normally very far out of his budget.