Help! Need theme for office potluck (cheesy yet appropriate)

Okay, our last office potluck was “Hoagie Hoe-down,” and it was a resounding success. We made hoagies and marveled at the lunch’s ridiculous name.

Our next potluck lunch is on May 1st, but “May Day” as a theme seemed too boring. An “Arbor Day” lunch would have been perfect since it is such an unusal reason for a celebration. But we let that come and go, and we couldn’t think of a way to tie in food to Arbor Day anyway.

So please offer your suggestions. We’re all counting on you! (Need it today!!)

Here at the puzzle factory, we often do themes:

“C” Foods (chili con carne, cheese & crackers, cherry cheesecake, caesar salad, etc.)

For Xmas, we did red and green foods (I brought guacamole and salsa, with chips; green pasta with tomato sauce; green and red peppers with dip; etc.)

More boring, themewise, but a huge success – we did a breakfast potluck once. Bagels, muffins, fruit salad, waffles, a frittata, country fries, etc.

May 1 is Mother Goose Day and Save the Rhino Day. Not sure what you can make out of rhinos, but Ma Goose is full of food references.

Other odd holidays in May

We did a George Foreman grill day–grilled cheese sandwiches for everyone! Anyone who had a grill brought it.

I once had an Acronym Theme. Everyone signed up ahead of time by providing only an acronym of their dish. We tried to figure them out, but it generally ended up being a surprise what we ended up with. I brought ACDIMOT. Which was… A Chicken Dish I Made One Time.

We’ve also had ethnic themes, where people brought something that sort of represented where their ancestors came from.

Don’t forget, Cinqo de mayo is a mere four days after your potluck. Now there’s an easy theme…

May the 1st, why not do a Communist revolutionary food day.
(Food should be red, or drab, or Russian)

Borsche Soup,
Smoked Salmon,
Aubergine dip (tasty but drab)
Maybe a Pavlova for desert,
Beef and Cabbage Stew

On Sundays at work our third shift crew had our own little pot lucks since the cafeteria was closed at lunch hour.
One of my favorites was the fetish food pot luck.
Mind you it was a small group of people and not a big department thing so we could get away with not really offending everyone.
We ended up with lots of fruits and chocolate.

Blue food.

If it needs to be cheesy, why not Fun with Fondue?


The title of the thread could be it: The Cheesy Potluck!

Your entire office might get constipated, but people really like cheese. Plus, with cheesecake & mascarpone, you’ve got your deserts covered. Mmmm. Tiramisu.

Too bad you’re not in Wisconsin.

Earth Day is appropos. I think it’s surpassed Arbor Day in visibility these days.