Help needed: NPR story on resurgance of certain style of jazz

There was an NPR piece on the radio when I woke up sometime in the last month or two about a certain style of jazz that was popular in the 1950’s, then was largely forgotten, and is now being reexplored by young modern jazz artists. I was still a little bleary, but if I remember correctly it had some polynesian influences and was called something close to “cosmopolitan” or “metropolitan” or something, although I could be wrong on that. I remember thinking that a friend of mine would really enjoy that, but my google fu has failed me in finding the story. Anyone also hear this, or can find it?


The story:

Print version:

That’s it exactly! Thanks, GMoney, you rock. :slight_smile:

Weren’t nothin’. I just ran “polynesian” through the search engine on the npr site. :wink:

Crap, I could have sworn I tried exactly that just yesterday and couldn’t find it, but you’re right, there it is. Thanks again.

If you like this type of music, I highly recommend listening to Juan Garcia Esquivel (he recorded as just Esquivel).

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I wouldn’t really call exotica “jazz”, though. It’s lounge music. (Of course, the term “jazz” has been stretched almost beyond usefulness in recent years.)

I thought the same.

With his unerring instinct for doing the right thing at the wrong time, Todd Rundgren recorded and toured an album of his hits in lounge style back in 1997. Here’s “Can We Still Be Friends” with a Bossa-Nova beat.

Neat, I do like that. Thanks. :slight_smile: