Help! Outlook Express Blocking Attachments

I have been attempting to send an e-mail with a pdf file attachment to a friend of mine.

He receives the e-mail but not the attachment - plus he gets a warning message saying something to the effect of “OE (I assume this means Outlook Express) has removed the attachment as it is unsafe”.

I have tested his e-mail account by sending different file attachments, jpg, txt, mp3, ect. and he receives them all, it seems that just the pdfs are being blocked.

I am at a loss as to why this is happening and hope that there is some uber Outlook Express expert out there that may be able to help.

Just to give a little extra info, my friend is also running the free version of AVG Anti-Virus, Zone Alarm, and a Parental Blocking Program called We-Blocker.

Try this: In Outlook Express go to Tools > Options > Security tab. Uncheck “Do not allow attachements to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus.”

I was having the same problem with OE removing what it considered to be ‘unsafe attachments’ even though I knew that the source was entirely reliable (ok then, as reliable as one can expect when the sender is head of system security at a major UK corporation ;)). The following is the advice I was given, and to date (touchwood) I have had no further problems.

Your friend needs to open OE, and select Options from the Tools dropdown menu. Select the security tab, and then uncheck the box for ‘do not allowed attachments to be saved or opened that could potentailly be a virus’. IANAE but I belive as long as you have adequate anti-virus in place, you shouldn’t need this sort of added ‘protection’ from the chaps at OE. You can always run attachments through your AV if in doubt, but at least you get to decide whether you think something is suspect.)

Just talked to my friend again, he’s running version 5.5 of OE - there is no box labeled as such under the secuity tab. :confused: