Outlook Express Problem

I recently updated Windows when I was told to, but it did something screwy to Outlook Express. My friends are trying to send me things like pictures of their kids, but what’s happening is that I get it, but when I try to open the attachments, I’m getting a message that says-Outlook Express has removed this attachment.

Any way I can fix this ?



Check out Tools -> Options -> Security -> UnCheck “Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus”.

I don’t understand it. It seems to block all attachments, not just those types which could carry a virus.

That is correct. Because Microsoft’s e-mail software (both Outlook and Outlook Express) is able to spread viruses like wildfire with virtually no user interaction, instead of fixing the issues that allow the viruses to spread, Microsoft decided that we’re all too dumb to be able to handle attachments, so in the most recent updates of Outlook 2002 and Outlook Express 6 they decided to add a “feature” that blocks ALL incoming attachments, and have it turned ON by default.

In Outlook Express, you can follow the method above to get them to come back. However in Outlook 2002 (aka Outlook XP), you actually have to hack the registry in order to “fix” this, and if you’re on a system that doesn’t have rights to edit the registry like this, then you need to contact the system admin to get it corrected.