Help! Ramsayburgers Nom Nom Nom!

On some show, I don’t remember which one (probably Kitchen Nightmares) I watched Gordon Ramsay teach someone how to make delicious hamburgers. He threw in a bunch of stuff in the meat that sounded really good and other than the Worchestershire sauce and dijon mustard (?), I can’t remember all the ingredients. They were simple and I probably have them. I do remember that.

Can anyone help?

According to this it was:

Sounds closer to meatloaf than a burger, but to each their own.

Wait…found another Ramsay burger.

I think the first one is what I saw but somehow remembered mustard in there instead of ketchup.

The second one sounds a heck of a lot better though without the sundried tomatoes (I like them, kids don’t). I wonder if dijon will work okay. I don’t have any honey mustard.

Last time I made burgers, I put in worchestershire sauce, garlic powder, onion, and shredded white cheddar mixed in with the meat. They were pretty darn good actually. We’ll try a modified Ramsayburger tonight.

On a related note, what’s the best way to thoroughly clean a Foreman grill?

I’m sure dijon will work fine. The second recipe looks a bit better to me, as well, but I would also salt and pepper the patties before grilling.

I use the little scraper thing that came with mine, and then wipe it well with a clean, damp sponge while it’s still warm. I only have the little grill, but the G5 has detachable grill plates that you can stick in the dishwasher.

I’m no expert and I mostly use mine for quick grilled chicken breasts. I usually wipe off as much as I can with a damp paper towel first, as soon as it cools down and I’ve finished stuffing my face, so nothing gets too dried on. Then I use a non-scratchy sponge and an itty bit of dish soap (a really teensy weensy itty bit) and wipe it good. Then I rinse the sponge and wipe off the grill again. Then I go back to a damp paper towel and make sure I get off all traces of soap. It sounds like a lot of work but the grill is non-stick and you just want to clean it fairly quickly - not days later because it will stick if you leave stuff sit too long.
I don’t eat red-meat but I will use ground turkey or chicken for burgers, meat loafs and meat balls and I usually add the same stuff to each (like onions and seasonings and an egg), with the exception of adding a filler, like bread crumbs, to meat loaf and meat balls. Since I use ground poultry I always cook my burgers & meat loaf thoroughly but if you like your beef hamburgers medium or rare you might want to skip the egg yolks in thata recipe. I know it’s not that much of a concern anymore but some people would rather not risk it.

Well, they came out not too shabby. I still think the last ones were slightly better, but I did make a mistake tonight that can be easily corrected. The red onions must be minced much finer. They were too big in the patties and I put in too much onion. So, it turns out I didn’t have dijon, but I found Emeril’s horseradish mustard, added ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and a packet of Taco Bell Hot (I can’t believe I’m out of Tobasco :frowning: ). Had to sub garlic powder for fresh garlic as well, unfortunately. After grilling the burgers were topped with a shredded cheddar/blue cheese combo. Sounds like a lot of flavors, but they meshed quite nicely.

Served the burgers with potato wedges which I basted with olive oil, then rolled in a mixture of breadcrumbs, salt and parmesan. The parmesan is very subtle, you’d barely know it was there, so it doesn’t conflict with the blue cheese topping on the burgers. Those are very yum. First time I’ve eaten wedges without a condiment.

The most important thing: the kids loved them. Daughter rated burgers 100.7 out of 100. Son said my own recipe was actually better, but he liked these albeit complained about the onion chunks (fair enough). Last time I just threw stuff in there that I found in the fridge and I rocked. I think there’s a lesson here.

That’s exactly how I do mine, but I always thought it was more work than it should be and figured I was doing something wrong. I also worried about getting the dishsoap on it. Dunno why, all my other pans get dish soap, but at least those I can run under water. I’ve tried a spritzer with plain water in it to rinse and paper towel dry.

Oh and those are scrapers? :smack: I thought they were special spatulas that fit in the grooves. It never occurred to me to scrape the grill with them. Oh my god, I am really dumb. :smack: :o

I immediately lost my scraper somewhere at the bottom of my silverware drawer. I’d have to clean out my silverware drawer to find it and I’m not ready to make that sacrifice.

Somehow, I ended up with two. You need one? :smiley:
I’m still chuckling over not realizing what they were for.