Foreman Grill. Steak. Advice.

My roomie has a small foreman grill. It’s great, but I’m still trying to figure out what’s safe to use in it.

I plan on picking up a couple o’ steaks this weekend. REcommend, if you would, a way to prepare said steaks so that they will be yummy, without being to overpowered by the seasoning.

I plan on picking up one of these wonders of the culinary world when we move. I think I love this machine.

Salt, pepper, and garlic (the real stuff, not the powder) are always my favorites.

I find that fresh garlic scorches when I use it on my GF grill, so when I want to use garlic I either marinate the steak beforehand in a very garlicky marinade, or I use powdered. Powdered just doesn’t taste as good, though, IMHO.

When I do steaks on the GF, I usually just use salt, pepper and cayenne.

Montreal Steak Seasoning and other dry spice blends also work well with the GF grill.

Worcestershire sauce is always good. Highly powerful though so don’t apply too much.

Throw in a little fresh chopped onion, it’s got enough moisture in it not to burn if you’re careful. Motorgirl is right about the powdered stuff sucking.


I’ve got a GF, and I love the thing for pork chops, chicken, brats, and various grilled sandwiches, but beef just doesn’t come off well. I’ve never gotten a good burger or steak from it. I’m not sure, but my theory is that the tougher muscle fibers in beef benefit more from slower cooking rather than the microwave-like speed of the GF.

Oh, and for chicken breasts, brine them for about an hour beforehand, then add salt, pepper, and some lime juice. Absolutely killer.

Cook the steaks for less time than you’d expect. I like my steaks medium, and it typically takes maybe four minutes to get there, if that. So check them often! In case you don’t know this trick, here’s a neat one for checking the doneness of meat without cutting into it.

Press the meat with your fingers.

  • If it feels the same as pressing your cheek, the meat is rare.
  • If it feels the same as pressing the tip of your nose, the meat is medium.
  • If it feels the same as pressing your forehead between your eyebrows, the meat is well done.

I now have a lovely, amusing image of Beadlin in the kitchen. Good tip, though. I can remember that a lot better than the hand trick.

I haven’t made a steak in the old GF for a while, but I think maybe slicing an onion into rings and layering them under and over the meat might be tasty. I also recommend, if you like it, sprinkling a little bit of cumin on the steak. I did this the other night and it added a yummy smokiness to the meat.

Gots ta go with stofsky on this one. If you want a steak, and don’t have acess to a gas/charcoal grill, go out and get you a grill pan you can use on the stove top. Comes out good, doesn’t need a lot of time, and you can cook your onions, peppers, garlic, etc., at the same time.

Bon Appetit!

I’ve not used the GF grill, but here’s my favorite steak rub:

½ cup New Mexican Red Chile Powder
½ cup Cajun Blackening Spice
1 Tbsp. Salt

  1. Rub steaks all over and let sit for 20 minutes
  2. Grill to desired temperature

Yummylicious, unless, of course, you’re some kind of weenie who doesn’t like spicey food.

Yeah, it’s not a trick that will make you look exactly sexy, but a good meal is worth taking a few moments to contemplatively press on meat and face, usually simultaneously. Two-hand cookin’! Yeeee haw!

I agree with Stofsky about the steaks, but…

Bubba Burgers ROCK on the GF ! 3 1/2 - 4 minutes tops

Italian dressing and soy sauce marinade… mmmmmmm

I’ve gotten decent steaks, and fantastic burgers from the George. I don’t even do anything special, just meat, salt, pepper, sometimes garlic powder if I’m rushed, sometimes teriyaki sauce.

Marinate chicken in Italian salad dressing for an hour, then salt and pepper before grilling. Excellent.


Brats? I tried them (Johnsonville’s), and the results were messy.

Had to keep some type of weight on top of the grill due to uneven sizes. how’d you do it?

Salt and pepper. Medium rare.

Enjoy! :smiley:

I love steak on my GF! I use a fairly thick cut, high quality, organic beef with good marbleing (how else would you spell that?) and it comes out juicy and yummy and I think I’ll go by the store and buy a steak on my way home. But enough about me–I use a garlic salt, it tastes much better than any powder, and I have also put onion rings in with the steak. I re-position the steak (or any other meat) just ‘cuz I like the crunchy grill lines, and I will remove any onion that seems to be getting too crispy when I do this. If I’ve actually planned the meal (instead of grabbing a steak because I’m starved and they’re easy), I will marinade in a garlicy sauce instead of using the garlic salt. To me, beef and garlic are natural allies, with onion a trusted friend, so I dont’ know why anyone would used anything else to season beef.

I also find the GF excellent for pork chops and chicken fillets, but I’ve been unhappy with my grilled sandwhiches–too flat. I guess I need a sturdier bread.

By putting some kind of weight on top of the grill, of course! :smiley:
Folded-up dishtowel with a heavy saucepan on top works for me.

Better yet, simmer the brats in beer with a small sliced-up onion and a few dashes of hot sauce for about 20 minutes to cook some of the excess fat out of the brats (poke several dozen holes in the brats first - less spattering when they hit the GF). Best to let the brat-and-beer mixture marinate in the fridge overnight. Then pour off most of the brewski (same some in case the sauce needs to be thinned out a bit), caramelize the remaining onion slices in some butter, and, depending on your taste or traditionalism, add either:
a) some honey-dijon or hot mustard
b) a blend of ketchup (man, I can hear ‘em screamin’ already!), chili sauce, hot sauce, Thai chili sauce, vinegar-and-garlic sauce, whatever trips your trigger. Experiment a little.

Either way, cook the sauce down a little and slather it over the grilled brats. Eehhhxcellent!

I found that the GF Grill tends to dry things out when they are at the appropriate doneness level. Even a medium rare steak seems a bit dry. I would marinade the steak in anything that you typically would use (Worcestershire is good) and with a pairing knife, make single slits through the side of the steaks and insert chopped garlic in those with your finger. a whole clove per pound would probably be a lot. The infusion is worth it in my opinion.

My roommate did the same thing last semester with the large GF grill. He’d usually marinate the steaks a couple days before cooking them.