Help remembering an old arcade game

This is driving me insane. Please help me jog my memory!

The game I’m trying to recall the name of was a two player cooperative (or just one player) game, mid 1980’s arcade (pumping quarters) futuristic tank game. It had an odd title. It wasn’t vector graphics, and I remember you could shoot certain walls to find hidden prizes. It was a good game!

What was it called?

Thank you!

-Bamboo Boy

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Two-player cooperative tank game is a pretty small niche. The “quarter-pump” description sounds like Vindicators to me. Lots of hidden goodies but not much in the way of destructible walls though, just doors.

Assuming the viewpoint of the game was overhead…

Probably Vindicators from Atari Games, 1988. Hits the main points of the OP: futuristic setting, one-player or two-player cooperative play, power-ups sometimes found by shooting walls in secret spots, etc. There was a sequel, Vindicators Part II, in the event that the OP looks up footage of the first and doesn’t recognize some of the gameplay there.

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Vindicators!! Thanks so much! That’s it!!!

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