Help! Returned from vacation to no heat, something going on with the boiler.

I’ve been out of town the past ten days (hubby is deployed), and I turned off the heat in the house before I left (we have pex plumbing so no freezing worries, and the house with the basement essentially never gets below freezing anyway). So, I came home tonight to no heat and no hot water (the boiler heats our water, too).

It’s an oil burning boiler, not very old. We have oil.

Circuit breakers are fine.

We do have water, just not hot water.

The boiler is giving off a bit of heat, so the pilot light must be OK. The temp gauge reads 190 degrees, but only 5 psi.

I know nothing about boilers. I’m not going to freeze or anything; we have a woodstove and space heaters, but hot water would be nice.

Everything except the PSI looks normal down there. Any thoughts?

Circuit breakers can fool you. Try turning the one for the boiler clear off and back on.

Then it gets tougher. There may be a small fuse in the boiler controls. Check it. There should be white wire from the thermostat going to the boiler controls. It should have 24 volts AC between it and a terminal marked COM or a blue wire. If not, try jumpering a red wire to the white.

If your thermostat has a battery, replace it. A weak battery in mine showed the correct settings but wasn’t strong enough to actually trigger the furnace. I installed a new battery and it fired right up. Good luck.

Thanks for the responses. I tried the suggestions (although couldn’t find a battery anywhere) and no joy. So I’ve called in a professional. It needed to be cleaned, anyway. He’ll be here soon.

I was hoping there was some switch that had gotten thrown that I was missing; guess not.