Quick question about home HVAC

So I’m calling a tech in the morning, but just wanted to run this by the folks here first.

Tonight while the A/C was running, power tripped to the entire house, and quickly came back on. The A/C kept running when power came back on for a few minutes, then shut off. Now, it won’t come back up. I checked all the breakers and they look ok. Funny thing is, nothing will work. The furnace doesn’t kick on, and turning on the fan blower doesn’t work either. Just as a quick test, I cut the power and wired the r and y terminals together, powered up, still nothing.

I’d like to think this is just a bad thermostat, but when I wired the terminals together, that should’ve bypassed it. Any quick ideas? Like I said, I’m calling a tech in the morning, but I’m just looking for some ideas of stuff to think about.

Sounds like a capacitor failed—should be a easy fix

Do you have a meter?
Check the power to the thermostat - if you don’t have 24VAC, ain’t nothing gonna work…

BTW - it’s not a capacitor (at least not a motor-start capacitor). A single capacitor failure wouldn’t affect both the compressor and the blower.

Turns out it was a blown fuse. 15 minute fix.

Thanks for the replies!