Help Save "Firefly"

Found this petition site. I know there are quite a few Firefly fans on the board, so I thought i’d post this link.

This is one of the best shows I’ve seen on television in a long time, and I’d like to see it given time to develop, like X-Files or Buffy. If you like the show, please consider signing this petition!



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There’s also another FF petition at:

When have those things ever stopped a tv show from being cancelled? Serious question, the only letter writing campaign I can think of that worked was when Spidergirl (the comic books) was uncancelled.

Well, a letter writing campaign helped save the original star trek tv show, but as to how effective they are today here is a quote from someone who would know, the man behind Babylon 5 and Jeremiah, JMS:

I would image that an online petition would have even less influence than a letter writing campaign, but I certainly share your sentiments. Firefly is a good show was great potential, I would be terribly upset to see it go. If Firefly is not a success it is fox’s fault; no wonder it is having trouble attracting an audiance with the terrible advertisements they ran for it, and showing the episodes out of order.

I believe that the teen drama/sf show Roswell was rescued from cancellation by just such a letter writing campaign. At any rate, it certainly couldn’t hurt.

Fox is saving it, relax. Joss Whedon is their Serling, you know.

He’s their Serlin? AHHHHH!!!
Letter writing saved Quantum Leap too.

I’m signing the petition only because I would, for once, like to see a letter-writing drive save something worthwhile (or at least created with talent) and redeem humanity for the fact that people actually saved Star Trek (in any incarnation) and Quantum Leap, my two most despised series of all time.

Firefly got a 2.4 rating last night, by far its worst of the season. That’s an abysmally low rating, even for FOX.

It would have helped if Fox had actually aired an ad for the show. I don’t think I’ve seen a Firefly ad on Fox in a month.

Not only that, but look what night it airs! Friday night at 9? What kind of time slot is that? I mean, Friday and Saturday nights are the nights that people generally go out.

And it’s not like FOX has a full plate during the week that prevents them from finding a slot somewhere. Friday nights are certain death for a show in its infancy.

The same thing happened with Dark Angel. It began airing during the week, but then it was moved to Friday night. Shortly thereafter, it met its demise.

I’ve already written to Fox, but I’ll sign the petition, too. Maybe it’ll actually do something.

I mentioned this in the letter I sent. From what I’ve read on the SDMB, it seems most people only learned about the show by chance/word of mouth.

Actually, it was a campaign to mail the studio bottles of tabaso sauce. That’s a bit more involved than adding your name to an on-line petition.