Help settle an argument IV

In another installment of the “Idle Thoughts’ friends and family sometimes sit around and amusedly debate random stuff”…which side do you fall on in this one?

First, take a look at this drawing (that shows the Beatles “Abbey Road” cover filled with many TV and movie character allusions).

Look and take note at everything for a bit and then answer this question:

Do you think that the Volkswagen on the left is just a random one or do you think it might be Herbie the Love Bug?

Two of my friends say it can’t be Herbie because 1. It doesn’t have the number on the side and 2. That Volkswagen is yellow.

Me, I say 1. It looks white to me and 2. Uh, everything else, pretty much, is alluding to something. Everything. Every vehicle, person, and even the little things…so why would they just put a random bug there, then…but surround it with the Impala from Supernatural and the Batmobile and the DeLorean and all that? Makes no sense to me.
What side do you agree with, with my friends or with me?

Random punch bug. I think if they wanted it to be Herbie you’d see the number. It looked yellow to me too.

Heh, you’re one of the rare ones who can see both sides of this…the original debate and this topic that spawned it. :wink:

Herbie had both a number 53 and a set of stripes going down the center front to back. With both missing, I just don’t see it as Herbie either.

It does look white to me, though. Not as white as the crosswalk, but not yellow.

I think there’s some kind of doll on the bumper. Could that be the reference, to something other than Herbie? I can’t place the reference, but there’s a few things in that picture that I don’t recognize.

No. It’s completely lacking in all Herbie’s identifying features.

What it does match, more or less, is the actual Beetle on the Abbey Road cover.

It’s Buzz and Woody from Toy Story.

Ah, OK. In that case, there’s always this Toy Story VW Beetle:



Yeah, no. I don’t understand all the references - like the tractor-trailer - but the ones I recognize seem based on more modern fantasy, and mostly on series with substantial cult followings. The Love Bug doesn’t fit the pattern.

And again it looks much more like the Bug on the Abbey Road cover, than it looks like Herbie.

Optimus Prime.

I’m with you that every other thing in that picture is a reference to pop culture.

But the fact that it is cream colored is the least of the reasons why that bug isn’t Herbie.
No number, no stripe.
Yellow turn signals on the tail lights: in Europe these were introduced in 1962, but in the US market the tail lights were solid red until 1973. Herbie was a US market 1963 model bug.
Herbie had a large cloth sunroof.
Herbie has a US style license plate, not a European (square).
As a 1963 bug, Herbie had a small rear-window, not the larger one introduced in 1964 (although, to be fair, the movies sometimes made that mistake), and not the even larger one introduced in 1973 (which IMO looks to be what the one in the drawing has).

That bug is probably a reference to something (I’m guessing it has to do with whatever appears to be tied to the bumper), but I don’t know what it is.

I can’t believe somebody had to point out Optimus Prime.

How about the person who created the poster as an argument settler?

Here’s the story of how it came about.

Here’s the artist explaining some of the processes used. In the comments towards the bottom someone lists most/all of the references. The question of the VW possibly being Herbie is raised, and the artist (Aviv) confirms that it’s just a residual from the original Abbey Road illustration, no particular meaning.

It ain’t Herbie.

I’m glad they did; I had no idea.

No number, no stripe, wrong kind of license plate – not Herbie. I tried a hard and dirty zoom and I’m not sure what kind of little figure crashed into the engine compartment and is now laying on the bumper but that could be a clue to the identity.

No, I don’t think it is because…

  1. Herbie had racing stripes from front to back and the VW in your pic has none.
  2. Herbie also had the number 53 on both his doors, his front hood and his boot.
  3. Herbie also had a sunroof; the car in the pic does not.

Also, for the record, Herbie was tan, not white. The car in the pic does appear to be tan to me, not yellow or white, but nothing else about it suggests Herbie.

On the bumper of the VW? That’s Buzz Lightyear and Woody from “Toy Story” – #15 on the list contained in my link above.

If by “clue to the identity” you’re referring to the identity of the VW, that has already been settled. There is no “identity” as such, as I mentioned above it’s just part of the original Abbey Road picture that was left in. It represents nothing.


I understand but ---------- I still played the game and answered the OP before I hit any of your links. :slight_smile: After all, this is IMHO and not GQ. That and I like a lot of Idle’s various polls.

Gotcha. Enjoy.

I feel like it was a big missed opportunity to not make it Herbie. It definitely isn’t Herbie, but only a few changes and it would be, so it’s surprising the artist went with “generic beetle like the album cover”. They managed to think something up for everything else, but not that part? Weird.

For a second I wondered if it was the beetle from Freaky Friday, but I looked it up and that one was a red convertible, aside from the fact there’s nothing specific about even that car that would make people yell, “hey, the car from Freaky Friday!” if they saw it.