Help stop a cat from pooping on the bed!

My cat is 17 and she has recently taken to pooping on the bed. She does not poop there consistently…probably only 5-10% of the time but that is still way too much. I’m getting tired of laundering my comforter every few days.

I love the cat and for 17 she is pretty together…a little skinny but still way cool and alert and cuddly. But this has got to stop. There has been no change in routine in her or my life for years so not sure why all of a sudden she is doing this (litterbox is cleaned by me anytime I see anything in it so it is not a dirty litterbox). The pooping is random…can be anytime during the day or night, whether I am home or not (but thankfully not while I am in the bed).

Any ideas on how to prevent this?

Have you taken her to the vet? A sudden change in bathroom habits would certainly warrant one, I would think.


Yep…she has been to the vet. She is in fine shape considering her age but has some age related problems. Nothing that isn’t manageable but on the whole the vet sees nothing wrong with her that we are not alredy aware of. Seems to just be a behavioral thing but i can see no reason for the behavior.

I took in a kitten who had lived on a farm and had not yet gotten used to a litter box. After a pissing on my bed mishap I decided she was no longer allowed in the bedroom when I was not paying attention to her, or when I was asleep. This meant my other cat was not allowed in there either, even though she had grown accustomed to sleeping with me, but she forgave me. Eventually. :smiley:

Oh, so, to the point of above post (hit submit too fast) maybe just keep the cat out of the bedroom?

Two room apartment and the litterbox is in the bathroom off of the bedroom. Possible I suppose but a last resort.

Man, it has to be a better option than letting the cat shit in your bed. Ick.

I also have a 17-year-old, but the problem was my kitten. Once, every morning she would poop in one area of the dining room. Only in the morning, and only poop; otherwise she used the litter box.

After several failed solutions, I decided to move the litter box from the back hall to the dining room, right in the area where she’d been pooping. Both cats then used the litter box in its new location, with no “accidents” or complaints. Then I gradually moved it back to the back hall, a few feet each day.

No more problem.

I’m not suggesting you put the litter box on your bed; that’s up to you.