Help the aspiring computer nerd. [pythong lang. question]

Some background:

Reading “Hacking Exposed” (2nd ed) got me interested in hacking/cracking. I educated myself on the whole hacker/cracker/etc scene. I started frequenting some cracker sites, and downloaded a few programs that could be evil. I was curious, and didn’t use these against other people. I cracked some of my own passwords (seems pointless, but I just enjoyed knowing it could be done, and that I could do it…)

I didn’t really know how these programs worked, however, and that bothered me. It was always on my conscience that I was at risk of becoming a script kiddie. So I backtracked, and decided that I needed to learn some programming languages. I had wanted to do so for a long while.

So I went to the library, got some books. It was my understanding that python was a good beginnning language, I knew it had something to do w/ Monty, which I love… So I started with that one.
NOW: the ACTUAL question!!

In textpad, I write what is everyone’s first program. >>>print ‘hello world’
save as:

I open my program. A window pops up, but only for a milisecond! It prints ‘hello, world’ and goes away!

I try it again, modify it, make some more… no matter what I do, it just pops up and goes away. What is going on! Help, please…

Excuse me, that should be PYTHON language question…

You need to add a pause command. I’m not familliar with python, but try searching the help files, or in the book.

And hacking is bad, mmmkay?

Thanks for the tip, i’ll try… but please, nik. You have a few things confused. /Cracking/ is bad.

See: `2. What is a hacker?’

It would also do you (anyone!) good to read the entire thing.

Update: I opened a `thingy’ with python, as it was intended. It did the same, disappeared as soon as it appeared.


What platform are you doing this on, PHYS? Since it sounds like Windows, try this. Open up a MS-DOS shell window and run your program from the command line there. It should print “hello, world.” and return you to the prompt.

Anybody who reads the Jargon File is okay with me.

PHYS, this is under Windows, correct?

What you need to do is Start|Programs|Python|IDLE (Or Command Line).

IDLE is a syntax-aware python editor. If you look at the menus, it’ll have everything that you would need.

Since you’ve already got a ‘hello world’ out there, open it in IDLE and then run it… (uh… F5?) You’ll see the output screen displayed with ‘hello world’.

Command line will drop you right into ‘interactive’ python, where every command is run after being typed in. It’s not especially intuitive first time around, but you’ll get the hang of it.

And Python was a good choice, btw…

Even though I use windows? :wink: Yes, I do use Windows. I should have mentioned that.

I haven’t used DOS since i was… 7 or 8, probably, but I think I can manage. I’m now 14 (and a half, gotta get that half) so I don’t pay for the computer. I get windows. I don’t pay for the internet, so I get AOL. sigh…

Thanks for the info, rat & robot, I will try these, and then check back.