I guess I'm computer illiterate

Well I’ve got computer problems again.
Everytime I ask a question of the knowledgeable folks the first words out of their mouth is “all you gotta do is…”
I don’t even know what half the words they use mean.
Where can I get a simple to understand explanation of computer lingo?
Where can I get simple explanations of how to do things like install,uninstall, reinstall programs, download programs and stuff like that?
I asked one of our techs where do you start learning about computers now a days? He joked “Third grade”. Well maybe it isn’t a joke.
I really find myself in a situation where I need to know but don’t know where to start.

You’re asking a lot of questions there, and there’s no single answer. You can take college classes that will teach the basics, or you can buy books to explain it, or you can keep pestering your techie friends until they give you good answers.

Remember that different kinds of computers do things differently. Instructions helpful on a Macintosh will be worthless with Windows, and Linux has a skill set distinct from either of them (to a greater or lesser degree). So just asking `how do I move files’ will get you a dozen answers, all completely correct and all completely different. You need to learn what kind of system you’re operating and ask more specific questions.

Speaking of questions, you’ll need to learn how to ask them. Don’t be put off: Everyone could probably use a good referesher course in this from time to time. Asking good questions is a fundamental building block to not only acquiring information, but to creating a clear, intelligent mind. It requires focus and precision, an attention to important detail and an ability to filter out noise. How To Ask Questions The Smart Way is probably the best introduction to the subtle art of asking questions in a technical forum.

Finally, don’t give up. Even if you don’t like computers, view this as a trial run to develop skills you’ll need in acquiring skills you are excited about. And think of how you’ll feel when you are the techie friend, giving knowledge to others. :slight_smile: