Help the Cool Auntie do Christmas up right!

A little background: I’m the Cool Auntie - my brothers’ and sisters’ kids have elected me because I never buy them boring, practical gifts for Christmas. I always try to do something special, something specifically geared to their interests. I have seven nieces and one nephew.

The girls are easy. I never have any trouble coming up with Cool Auntie ideas for their birthdays and Christmas. But the boy… well, I don’t get boys, plain and simple. I need some help here and my sister is none whatsoever. She’s stumped too, so I decided to ask you-all for some creative ideas - I will of course snap up the coolest idea, but I’ll be nice and hand over the second coolest idea to the boy’s mommy.

He’s nine, and into “extreme sports” and I’ve already managed to present him with roller blades, a skateboard and Tony Hawk tickets for various occasions in the past. He’s getting a snowboard from Santa. (He also already has helmets and safety pads and all that stuff.) This is NOT a “sit still and read” kind of kid, and he’s a little too active to really enjoy video games. He is our little live wire. My per-kid budget is in the $30-$50 dollar range for the main gift.

HELP! I don’t wanna end up the Dorky Auntie!!

Wild Planet!! - designed by kids for kids. Coolest toys out there.

Have you seen Mighty Beanz? They fit in with the age and interests. You can see them here! Kids are crazy over them - they have some sort of weight in them and the kids roll them and do all sorts of tricks with them. Some of the beans are selling for over $100 each on Ebay. Yikes!

A mouth guard?

The Tony Hawk video games?

An extreme sports video?

A way cool toque or scarf (muffler) to wear snowboarding?

A slingshot? (Bonus points for annoying the heck out of your sibling!)

Sports clothing? Like jerseys or baseball caps…

A pogo stick?

Sometimes it’s not the money - a favorite of both my boys was the water balloon slingshot - Grampa was in the doghouse for a couple of weeks.

Aaaand he’s about the right age for a pocketknife - one of those Swiss Army dealies…

Oooh yeah, this one!!! My ten-year-old thought this was one of the coolest presents ever, and he learned science can be fun!

The spy equipment that’s all the rage in that set is ummmmmm, a definite judgement call. I suspect you don’t want the little dears wiring your bedroom for audio and video… :smiley: Some of the gear is pretty cool, though. Check these out. And again, the potential to be both “Cool Auntie” and “Annoying Sibling” at the same time should not be overlooked.

Wow… some good ideas here. Looks like I may need some new toys for ME, too! I need to find out more about these Mighty Beanz things, and that water ball gun. Hmmm…

Absolutely no pocketknife. I tremble at the very thought of something sharp in that boy’s hands, especially since he’s got a terminal case of Out-To-Get-His-Sister-Itis.

The only trouble with the annoying sibling ideas is that I, too, have a child, and my siblings are very revenge-oriented. I think it’s a Sicilian thing.

Thanks for the good ideas, and keep 'em coming!