Help the US military more effective wager psychological warfare: pick the music

Oh yeah, sticking with the banana theme: anything by Bananarama esp. Cruel Summer.

Only one album would be necessary:

Pat Boone: In a Metal Mood.
Listening to him mangle Enter Sandman is a horror I will never be able to erase from my memory.

What about Liberace or Engelbert Humperdink?

1985’s pretty good, actually.

You guys have got it all wrong. Most of these guys don’t speak english, so the sucky nature of those lyrics will be totally lost on them.

What we need is some instrumental music that will have them believe that Satan hisself is digging into their brains.

There is only one man for this job.

And his name is Buckethead!

Send in Monte Rock III. That’ll make him drive icepicks into his ears.

Anything by Yoko Ono would do the trick.

Or maybe Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music.

Daniel O’Donnell would be very effective, too. I couldn’t stand even one song

A series of country/western arrangements of Britney Spears tunes played by a bagpipe band.

**Lou Reed’s ** Metal Machine Music
64 minutes of guitar distortion. :smiley:

Of course, had I read the post by An Arky, I could have saved a post! :smack:

Random Radiohead rotation would have OBL surrendering in no time (if he didn’t slit his wrists)

I was wondering . . . how do you assure the safety of the american soldiers nearby who also have to listen to the music? Remember, they can’t wear earplugs which block out all sound; they have to be able to listen for enemies sneaking up behind them.

Nobody on earth can withstand…

The Hamster Dance.

You are all innocents… :wink:
You want someone to HURT, you play Dayglo abortions. Possibly the worst most offensive music ever recorded. Imagine a bunch of guys torturing guitars by beating on them with kittens while screaming at the top of their lungs w/absolutely no melody to speak of. The horror has no description!
And on the off chance that the listners understand english the lyrics could not possibly be more offensive. (Song subjects include the status on the olfactory sense while defecating :rolleyes: , as well as imaginative uses for small rodents :eek: Mind you, they are a little more direct in their use of vocab.)
Needless to say, he’ll either kill himself or come running out screaming for the pain to stop.

Not bad, rabbit.


I have the ultimate weapon:

“Can’t Get You Out of My Head”, Kylie Minogue.


That song where Brian Adams says “I’m ready” about a million times.

Who Let the Dogs Out by Some Pack of Asshats

Ebony and Ivory by Paul and Stevie

That song that goes “thud thud thud” and comes out of people’s cars as they drive by my apartment.

It might defy some International Treaties, but if we removed from protective custody and unearthed the “We like the Cars, The Cars that go Boom, We’re Tigra, and Bunny, and we like the Boom.” song, It would have the Imams shrieking to silence the Insolent harlots at any price.

Kinda Cruel, maybe soften them up with some Spice Girls, first.
Bruce Sterling did a wonderful take on the concept of opposing Islam with Pop Music in Zeitgeist. Highly recomended.

“Freebird” and anything by Creed.


1,245,923 bottles of beer on the wall!
1,245,923 bottles of beer!
You take one down and pass it around,
1,245,922 bottles of beer on the wall!


1,245,922 bottles of beer on the wall!..