Songs to kill a buzz

I’m trying to find some songs (or, preferably, a full playlist) of songs that will kill a chill, relaxed, buzzed feeling, and my google-fu is failing me.

Stoner neighbors insist on playing their music outside and loud all evening long. Tried asking nicely, no lasting effect. I’m hoping that being on the receiving end of some serious buzzkill will educate them, or at least move them back inside. Very least, it’s something to negotiate with.

My sister had this problem, sorta. Her neighbor worked in his shop all day listening to conservative talk radio and a high decibel. He was partially deaf and it seemed his wife had kicked him out of the house with his noisy radio. My sister asked, pleaded, called the cops, had a lawyer write a letter. All to no avail. She started playing loud twangy country music on weekends and when she was on her deck afterwork. It succeeded in getting the HOA involved. She got a warning but so did he. The radio war stopped after that.

I Got A Mind To Give Up Living

Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

The ultimate weapon

Unfortunately they seem to like twangy country.

btw, I meant “stoner” as a description of these specific people, not marijuana-smokers in general (it’s legal in my state). I’m sure there’s plenty of people that get high without causing any problems for others.

“You can only trust yourself and the first 6 Black Sabbath albums”

~Henry Rollins

Family Portrait, by Pink.

Revolution #9 by The Beatles

Back in the day, whenever my deadhead roommates would crank up “Eyes of the World” for the 70 millionth time, I would crank up “Fight Fire with Fire” by Metallica and just go from there.

“(You’re) Having My Baby” — Paul Anka

The barney song. I used to be a roadie for a wedding/party DJ and he would play that as the last song every night toe get people the hell outta dodge quickly.

The Brady kids, The Osmonds, The Partridge family. Or maybe Christian Rock.

WHICH Christian rock? Some people believe that this is one of the best thrash metal albums ever, whether they’re Christian or not. Sadly, the band’s singer turned out to have serious psychiatric issues.

ETA: I'm just gonna go ahead and listen to it. Don't think I have for a couple decades.

You are a cruel, cruel person.
I approve.

Sorry, didn’t mean to offend. I don’t know much Christian rock.


Showtunes. People can’t be chill to showtunes.

Thank you very kindly. It’s nice to be noticed.

I purchased this album from the “ten for a buck” bin at my local thrift store. Surely there’s all kinds of songs the OP could use.

I can think of several songs that could do what you want depending upon what approach you want to take.

  1. Loud and hard-driving: Ministry - “Jesus Built My Hot Rod” album version or extended version.)

  2. Dark and depressing enough to make you want to slit your wrists: Leonard Cohen - “Dress Rehearsal Rag”

  3. Saccharine, insipid, and somewhat icky: anything by a boy band (e.g., NKOTB, NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, etc.) or pop tart (e.g., Britney Spears, Katy Perry, etc.).

“You Oughta Know,” by Alanis Morissette

“Eve of Destruction,” by Barry McGuire

Also, possibly, “Too Much of Nothing,” by Peter, Paul and Mary

This isn’t a song but if the OP wished to combat ignorance with intellect (annoying, relentless, rage inducing intellect) then he could try THIS.